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Axis Powers
italy germany and japan
Josef Stalin
soviet union leader
Lend-lease act
only Britian left US trying to help them as much as possible but stay out of the war our first push into the war
Atlantic Charter
concept in 1940 by FDR and Chruchill for post war europe if they were to be on the winning side
Pearl Harbor
dec 7,1941
Winston Churchill
britains prime minister during war
strategy in pacific=push japan out, fortify island, move to next worked well
Selective Service ACt
june 6th 1941 normandy
victory in europe may 8th 1945 gremany and italy out
Manhattan Project
Aug 6 1945 first abomb used in wartime 100,00 dead immediately
Aug 9 1945- 60,000 dead on impact
Victory in japan aug 14th 1945 war over!
Yalta Conference
held in USSR feb 45 finalize plans once war over
soviets into japan 3 months after germans out
germany into 4 zones
poland free elections
united nations
Potsdam conference
in berlin Stalin, Truman, and Clemant Atlee stalin with most power finalize germany
ultimtum to japan surrendur or else
Nisie & Isei
japanese-americans sent to internment camps
in war only sent to europe not japan
Operation Overlord
military name for D-day
Final Solution
nazi term for dealing with jewish ppl (holocaust)
Chiang Kai-Shek
leader in chine nationalist head of little china
Mao Zedong
communist head of big/red china
Tehran Conference
nov 1943 captial of iran big 3 meet for 1st time
commit to overlord
soviets to pacific
plans for germany
Fair Deal
trumans domestic plans
us steel strike
postwar wanted raise better working conditions
taft-hartley act
limits on labor management relations 80 day cooling off period
hoover commision
reorganize overlaps group same things together made more efficient
national security act
department of defense
national security council
all created
GI bill of rights
assistance to vets edu made college and open market
election 48
dewey (lost) vs. truman (won)
San francisco conference
wrote charter for UN 5 permanent members veto power 10 other countries
cold war
us and soviets after war
big 5
us britian soviet union france and italy
big 5
us britian soviet union france and china
truman doctrine
containment of communism
marshal plan
give money to european countries to rebuild bribe to go democratic
keep away communism
berlin aircraft
48-49 supply berlin with EVERYTHING success for truman
stop communism
korean conflict
devastated after WW2 split with soviets in hopes of reuniting with democracy North invades south 50-53
UN sends in peace keeping troops-passed b/c soviet rep wasnt there that day
korean conflict
devastated after WW2 split with soviets in hopes of reuniting with democracy North invades south 50-53
UN sends in peace keeping troops-passed b/c soviet rep wasnt there that day
Gen Douglas MacArthur
incharge of UN forces in korea openly disobeyed orders
Pusan Perimeter
north korea took over all of south except this part
Inchon landing
sneak around north korea and forces them back
Ho Chi Minh
leader of viet minh in south korea
Kim IL Sung
leader of North Korea during korean war
Syngman Rhee
leader South Korea during korean war
house un-american activities committee look and hunt down communists
Whittaker Chambers
confessed to being a commie but said he could his house and inside a pumpkin theres microfilm and its Alger Hiss' so alger goes to jail
Joseph McCarthy
list of commies that gvt knows about but doesnt do anything about it
never showed anyone but had tons of power at times more power then president
tons of press instant hero for fighting communism
Millard Tydings
senator watned to see mccarthys list he says no the he loses his next election
John Foster Dulles
sec of state under eisenhower
basically was in charge and ran country
area becomes vietnam in 54
Dien Bien Phu
battle lost by french
fidel castro
leader of cuba 59-present
Space race
late 50s sputnik us vs soviets
brown vs board of edu
this case rules that schools must desegregate
cental high school
all white refused to desegregate after court ruling called in army to guide 9 black students to their classes
Earl Warren
chief justice supreme court
rules in brown vs board of edu case
death threats people not happy for his decision on that case
Rosa Parks
dec 55 tired wanted to sit on bus wouldnt get up to let a white person sit down started the boycott of buses
see if we can take it all the way then have the opponent step down kinda like chicken
massive retaliation
US will use any and all weapons available to them
civil rights activist leader
sit in
60s civil rights protests sit at lunch counters until fed
nikita khrushchev
stalins successor 56-64
soviet man made satelite first one launched into space oct 57
iron curtain
name given to eastern europe 1 side freedom the other slavery and communism
Emperor Hirohito
japans emperor
berlin blockage
soviets shut down city nothing in or out
Forgotten War
nickname of korean war
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
soviet spies passed atomic secrets to soviets
Old soldiers speech
Mccarthy after he was fired b/c he openly violated orders
hydrogen bomb
1,000 times more powerful than abomb
1st computer
checkers speech
nixon about him little dog---slush fund
consumer society
economic boom buying and selling more
culture 50s
rock and roll elvis bandstand beat movement
orval faubus
govenor of little rock (central high) national gaurd surround school not let blacks in
living space for germans
the blitz
76 nights of bombing germany
pacacos- piece spanish american war
third reich
name for hitlers new gvt lasted 12yrs
warsaw ghetto
polish jews 1/5 million in area ment for 50,000 sealed ghetto
zyklon B
gas used to kill jewish people at camps
cultural center of germany bombed 2 days 50,000 dead no strategic importance
nuremberg trails
trials held for hitlers men exposed what hitler tried to do japanese and german leaders sentenced to death
executive order 9066
jap-americans moved to west coast
Warm springs geogia
FDR dies here
Enola Gay
plance carried abomb