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This was defended at the Scopes Trial.
Illegal transfer of public lands and illegal drilling by oil companies
Teapot Dome Scandal
Campaigned on the idea of restoring "normalcy"
Warren G. Harding
One of the effects of this was a rise in organized crime
This is the name for the era after the Eighteenth Amendment went into effect.
This was an underground "saloon" or nightclub where liquor was sold illegaly.
This Protestant movement was based on the literal, word for word interpretation of the Bible.
The government failed to budget enough men and money to enforce this
Political and social system adopted in Russia after its revolution.
Accused of a robbery and murder, they were executed in the late 1920's
Sacco and Vanzetti
Idea that America should mind its own business and not be drawn into foreign affairs.
Leader of the United Mine Workers during their sucessful strike
John L. Lewis
Secret organization that wanted"America for Americans", meaning white, Protestant Americans.
Ku Klux Klan
Vice President who moved to the
White House after Harding's death.
Calvin Coolidge
Attorney General who authorized raids on suspected anarchists and communists
A. Mitchell Palmer
(Palmer raids)
Johnt T. Scopes challenged a tennessee Law that forbade the teaching of
Charles Lindbergh was famous as a(n)?
This term is the name of the most widely used measure of the stock market's health
Dow Jones Industrial Average
This term specifically refers to the stock market crash of October 29, 1929
Black Tuesday
This Republican won the presidential election of 1928
Herbert Hoover
This term refers to making extremely risky business transactions or purchases on the chance of making quick profit
This reduced the flow of goods into the U.S.and prevented other countries from buyin U.S. exports.
Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act
This is the period from 1929 and 1940 in which the unemployement rose and economy declined.
Great Depression
Consumer buys now and pays later, usually on and installement plan with interest.
This term refers to paying a small percentage of a stock's price as a down payment and borrowing the rest.
Buying on margin
A government system for giving payments of food to the poor.
Direct Relief
The candidate that ran for president in 1932.
Herbert Hoover and Franklin d. Roosevelt.
Who made up the Bonus Army that marched on Washington
World War I veterans and their families
This created an agency to set fair prices on products and establish labor standards.
National Industrial Recovery Act
This helped create prosperity in a poverty-stricken region by providing funds to build and repair dams.
Tennessee Valley Authority
It paid farmers to lower production in order to raise crop prices and farm income.
Agricultural Adjustment Act
It Authorized the Treasure Department to inspect banks and close those that were unsound.It restored confidence in the system.
Emergency Banking Relief Act
It put 3 million young men to work building roads, parks and flood control projects.
Agricultural Adjustment Act
Corporations had to provide complete information on all stock offerings.
Federal Securities Act.
Agency to set fair prices on products and establish labor standards.
National Industrial Recovery Act
Provides old-age insurance program.
Social Security Act
It provides programs that aid needy families with children and the needy disabled.
Social Security Act
In 1934 it was created to monitor the stock market and enforce laws regarding the sale of stocks and bonds.
Securities and Exchange Commission.
This corporation protects peopl's samvings agaist loss in the event of a bank failure.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Created under the Wagner Act, it continues to act as a mediator in disputes between unions and employers.
National Labor Relations Board
The first major action President Roosevelt took?
Closed all of the nation's banks and ordered inspections
A New Deal Legislation was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
National Indurstrial Recovery Act
Who was the first women to serve in the cabinet?
Francis Perkins`
Was most directly responsible for creating new jobs and putting peopl back to work.
Works Progress Administration
What part did Eleanor Roosevelt have in the Roosevelt administration?
An important advisor on domestic policy
She was very concerned for African Americans Civil Rights.
Eleanor Roosevelt
In 1932 he promised to help the forgotten man.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Royal Oak priest with a national radio audience.
Fr. Charles Coughlin
She had a difficult childhood and wanted to do good for others.
Eleanor Roosevelt
What was the first three months of FDR's Presidency called.
Hundred Days
He governed a southern state and helped the poor and gained followers with his Share Our Wealth program.
Huey Long
He approved food relief in Europe after WWI but felt food relief In American would weaken individualism.
Herbert Hoover
A law restricting the number of immigrants who could come to the U.S.
Emergency Quota Act of 1921
Persons who wanted to overthrow governments.
Federal agents couldn't close down his activities until they got him for not paying his income tax.
Al Capone
Musician/singer who became very famous through the Harlem Renaissance.
Louis Armstrong
Illegal round-ups of persons who were suspected of being a threat to the country
Palmer Raids
Public servants stopped work because wages had not kept up with the increase of prices during the war.
Boston Police Strike
Communist takeover of Russia started this fear in many countries
Red Scare.
First cabinet member to be convicted of a felony.
Albert Fall