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What do plants need in oceans to live?
sunlight and nutrients
Most of the ocean life is found in what kind of water?
shallow, warm water
Ocean life is also along the edges of what?
Plants and animals that drift and move by surface currents are called?
What feed on plankton?
Larger organisms like sea turtles and fish are free-swimming animals called what?
Plants and animals that live on the ocean have body parts that what?
Plants and animals that live on the ocean bottom are called what?
Deep ocean animals prey on each other or feed on what?
remains of dead animals
Ocean floor mapping is done from what?
An instrument that uses sound wave to locate objects in the water is what?
The gently sloping part of the continent covered by shallow ocean water is what?
continental shelf
The continental shelf is very important to what?
Along the continental shelf the world's best what is done?
What is a brown seaweed rich in minerals?
Kelp is used in what types of things?
ice cream, candy, jellies and salad
What are found in certain rocks on the continental shelf?
oil and natural gas
What is the area that begins where the continental shelf suddenly drops?
Continental slope
Beyond the continental shelf, is the water shallow or deep?
What are found on the slope and are steep sided?
Water over the slope is not only deep but cold and dark. Why?
Light does not reach it.
The bottom of the deep, open ocean is called what?
The plain is flat and level. True or false?
The plain is covered with what?
Why is the plain covered with mud?
water depth, pressure and temperature
Is there alot or few living things found along the plain?
Where are some of the largest mountain chains in the world found on the ocean?
On the ocean bottom
What areas are these mountains found called?
rift zones
The rift zones are systems of what in the ocean floor?
cracks in the ocean floor through which magma rises.
What rift system is formed in the Atlantic Ocean?
Mid-Atlantic Ridges
The Mid-Atlantic Ridges run from near Greenland to below the tip of what continent?
A few peaks of the Mid-Atlantic Ridges stick out of the water to form what?
Special type of living things are found in spots along the rift zones. They live around openings in the rift zones called what?
Unusual forms of what type of living things live in the warm water around vents?
large worms, clams and crabs
What microscopic life-forms do worms, clams and crabs eat?
nutrients in the hot water
What ocean has some of the deepest trenches in the ocean floor?
Pacific Ocean
What is a deep narrow valley in the ocean floor called?
What do oceans have that are very important?
natural recources
What 2 things do people need from the ocean?
food sources and minerals
What 2 valuable resources are found on the ocean floor?
oil and gas
The ocean must be protected for the future? true or false
Do oceans have pollution problems? yes or no?
What 2 main problems cause pollution in our oceans?
waste water and oil spills
What can everyone do to help the resources of our oceans?
How can pollution be controlled and stopped
If people listen to laws and stop polluting!