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to admit and to recognize is
What does actual mean?
What does disclose mean?
to bring into view;uncover;make known
What does douse mean?
to pour liquid over;drench;soak
What does hazardous mean?
What does hinder mean?
to hold back;slow the process of
What does impure mean?
What does intrugue mean?
secert plot;conspiracy;to arouse interest; plot or shceme
What does inviting mean?
What does journalist mean?
a personwho reports or edits news for a television newscast, newspaper , or other type of news medium
What does linger mean?
to be slow in leaving;delay
What does maneuver mean?
a skillful movement or shrewd action; to shecme or plot; move in a controlled manner;manage skilllfully
What does metropolitan mean?
relating to a central city and its surrounding communities
What does pursuit mean?
the act of chasing or seeking; an occupationor hobby
What does reliable mean?
What does solemn mean?
serious,deeply earest
What does unaccountable mean?
not responsible for;unexplainable
What does unaware mean?
unknowing;not conscious of
What does version mean?
a description or retelling from one person's point of view; an interpretation
What does vivid mean?