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What was the Italian state which was responsible for bringing Italy together in the latter half of the 19th century?
Piedmont-Sardinia, also called Piedmont.
What was the single most important result the Revolutions of 1848 for Italy?
Piedmont got itself a Constitution, retained its independence and came to be looked at as the focal point for later unification(in italy)
Who was the first king of piedmont and was interested in the Italian and Piedmontese progress adn eventual unification of Italy
King Victor Emmanuel II
Who was appointed in 1852 by King Victor Emmanuel II to prime minister?
Count Camilio di Cavour
Who was referred as the "Bismarck of the South" and turned Piedmont into the "Prussia of the South"?
Count Camilio di Cavour.
Who was most responsible for the national unity of Italy?
Count Camilio di Cavour.
What were Cavour's main techniques?
Industrialization and allying with stronger countries.
Who did Couvour ally with in 1854 during the Crimean War?
England and France
What was Italy, England and France trying to do in the Crimean War
They were trying to keep Russia out of Turkey.
Who did Cavour call in 1859 for help to get Austria out of Northern Italy?
Louis Napoleon's France
Why did France chicken out from beating Austria again and getting Venetia?
France was afraid of the potential threat of a united Italy and that Prussia might attack France in order to defend fellow Germans in Austria and to gaurd the growing French power.
What central Italian states were inspired by what Cavour achieved that they arose in a united rebellion, kicking out Austra from much of Central Italy?
Parma, Modena and Tuscany.
What did piedmont aquire in 1861?
The Papal States.
Who held onto rome and continued to hate the idea of Italian unity?
The pope.
What patriot from the South of Italy became prominent in 1861?
Giuseppe Garibaldi.
What did Garibaldi conquer before he united with Cavour?
The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
Who became the leader of the new kingdom of Italy created by Garibaldi and Cabour?
King Victor Emmanuel of Piedmont.
What did Italy do in 1866 to get Venetia?
They joined Prussia in the latter's Seven Weeks War and defeated Austria.
What lands still existed in dispute between Austria and Italy?
The Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic sea.
What type of government was in place?
It had a king witha two-house Assembly: a senate and a Chamber of Deputies just like France. It also had a prime minister (aka premier).
What element of the government was delayed until 1912
Universal Manhood suffrage.