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Inferior Courts
The Lower Federal Courts; those beneath the Supreme Court.
Jurisdiction (JDX)
The authority of a court to hear (to try and to decide) a case.
Exclusive JDX
Those cases that can be heard only by the Federal courts.
Concurrent JDX
The power of a case to be tried in EITHER a federal or a state court.
the person who files suit.
The person whom the compaint is made against.
Original JDX
A court in which a case is first heard.
Appelete JDX
A court that hears a case on appeal from a lower court.
Crominal Case
a case in which a defendant is tried for committing some action that Congress has declared by law a federal crime,
Civil Case
A case involving some noncriminal matter, such as dispute over the terms of a contract or a claim of aptent infringment.
The list of cases to be heard by one of the United States courts.