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Henri Petain
French Marshall who headed a Nazi controlled government
Audie Murphy
Most celebrated American soldier in World War II
Joseph Mccarthy
Wisconsin senator who hunted commies
Thomas Dewey
Republican candidate declared winner in 1948
Henry Stimson
Secretary of War who informed Truman of the A-bomb
Henry Wallace
Democrat who created a liberal Progressive Party in 1948
Elvis Presley
King of Rock and Roll
Jimmy Dolittle
American Col. who lead air raid on Tokoyo April 1942
Chester Nimitz
Admiral who commanded Army in the Pacific
Erwin Rommel
German General of the Afrika Korps
James Farmer
African American Leader who founded CORE
Jonas Salk
He developed the polio vaccine
Douglas MacAuthur
General who lost to Truman
Milton Berle
TV comedian of the 1950s
Jack Kerouac
Leading author of the Beat generation
Omar Bradley
General who cleared the way for Patton's advance
Alger Hiss
State Department official accused of spying for the soviets
J. Robert Oppenheimer
He headed the American effort to develop the A. Bomb
Frances Gary Powers
Aperican pilot shot down in U-2 spy plane
Strom Thurmond
Dixiecrat candidate for presidnet in 1952
George Patton
American general of the thrid army in Europe
Henry J. Kaiser
American industrialist who built liberity ships
Karl Doenitz
Admiral who commanded German U-boat fleet
Neville Chamberlain
British Prime minister who signed Munich Pact
Ethel Rosenberg
Convicted with her husband for spying for the USSR
Adlai E. Stevenson
Democratic Candidate for president 1952
Gamal Nasser
Egyptian leader who seized the Suez Canal
Charles de Gaulle
French general who set up a French government in Exile
George C. Marshall
Army chief of staff who sought Women's aux army corp
A, Philip Randolph
He protested against African American discrimination in the military