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When did Michigan become a state?
Jan. 26, 1837
Why was the Soo Canal built?
To connect Lake Superior to Lake Huron
What was The Proclamation of 1763?
A document that gave land west of the Appalachian Mts. to the indians.
What is a frontier?
An area of land that hasn't been settled or explored. ( like outer space)
Who was Henry Hamilton?
British commander of Fort Detroit
Why did the American Revolution happen?
The colonists were tired of paying taxes to the King
What is a revolution?
A sudden change in government
What did the Declaration of Independence say?
The 13 colonies were free from England and independent
How did the British keep the indians on their side?
They supplied them with guns, gifts, blankets
Who was Jean de Sable?
The first black person to come to the great lakes region.
What 4 flags flew over Fort St. Joseph?
British, Spain, USA, French
How long did the Spanish people control the Fort?
One day
Why was Jean de Sable captured by the British?
He was thought to be a SPY for the Colonists
What was the Northwest Territory?
Area of frontier land that included Michigan
Why was the Battle of Fallen Timbers so important?
It convinced the indians to make peace with the Americans
Who was Stevens T Mason?
He was the first Michigan governor
How many people had to live in a territory before it could become a state?
Who fought in the War of 1812 and why?
The colonists against the British. Because...the British were giving supplies and weapons to the Indians.
What was the Toledo War?
War between Michigan and Ohio over land
What is a compromise?
An agreement between two sides