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What kind of an antenna is a 14-foot, twin whip, omnidirectional, has a frequency range of 2-30 MHz and it's broadband?
This type of antenna can provide transmit capability from 2-6 MHz, has receive capability from .01-17 MHz, it's lightweight, broadband, vertically polarized and it's a twin.
Turnbuckles are used for what?
To Tension the antenna
It's a type of antenna which is 35-foot, single whip, it's vertically polarized, omnidirectional has the capability to transmit, it's frequency range is 2-30 MHz.
It's a 35-foot twin whip antenna, it is omnidirectional, vertically polarized, transmit capability in the 4-12 MHz.
This is a UHF/VHF antenna which has a frequency of 220-440 MHz, transmit and receive capable, it's a quarter wave antenna
It's a 76-inch, base mounted dual-element UHF assembly, it's a broadbeam, vertically polarized, omniderectional, has a frequecy range of 225-400 MHz.
This type of antenna has the ability to transmit and receive, it's a four broadband radiating elements, range is 225-400 MHz.
Give some characteristics of a AS 2809 Antenna.
Vertical Dipole
Transmit and Receive capability
115 to 162 MHz Frequency range
capable of 100 watts input
This type of antenna is 800 watts maximum, rugged, lightweigth, it's 12-foot unit is is sealed within an epoxy fiberglass housing, it's frequency range is 30-76 MHz.
This antenna is a satcomm antenna which contains two AS-3018A/WSC-1(V) antennas, it provides at least 180 degrees coverage range, it's frequency range is 240-318 MHz, power handling capability of 400 watts coverage.
This Satcomm Antenna can only receive has a frequency of 248.85 to 258.85 MHz, it's a short pedestal, four horizontal and four curved elements, the output of each antenna is fed to its assoicated AM-6534/SSR-1 Amplifier-converter.