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Governer Robert Dinwiddie
governer of Virginia, sent George Washington to prevent French from controlling the wstern frontier
George Washington
killed messengers at Jummonville Glen, fled to Fort Dusquence and surrendered.
Edward Braddock
sent by William Pitt, to foight the French at Fort Dusquence, suffered 500 casualties including himself
William Pitt
sent Braddock to fight off the French at Fort Dusquence
Benjamin Franklin
member of the Second Continental congress, repealed the Stamp Act
Abany Plan of the Union
called that all the colonies excpet Georgia to unite
Treaty of Paris 1763
Britain and France signed a treaty to end the war claiing that it had spread to all 4 parts of the worlds
Proclamtion of 1763
British Proclamtion banning further colonial setlements west of the Appalachian Mts. and ordering the settlements already there to move their settlements
Mercy Otis Warren
wrote plays of protest against the British