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The modication of the social patterns, traits, or structures of one group/society by contact with those of another;
The resultant blend
In a cult you have certian patterns and traits that you must modify in you own life
Natural habitual inclination or tendency
(Especially of human character)
When you are a Pro at somethin then you have a tendency to be attracted or inclined towards it
Composure or coolness especially in trying circumstances
Think Sigfrid (that lion) sounds like sangfroid...they stayed calm in that circumstance
Thin,Slender,Not Dense
Lacking clarity, sharpness
Of slight importance
Lacking a sound basis
Poorly supported
The person is thin and skinny b/c they are only Ten lbs.
Since they are so skinny their sharpness isnt there and lack in sound b/c they are so weak
Bitter, sarcastic
Highly caustic, biting(Strong Acid)
Think Trio (Alkaline Trio) is sarcastic and bitter in there songs and use lyrics that are caustic and having to do with death makes people use strong acids
Not decisive or definite
Unwilling to take a clear position or to say yes or no
When you are not committed to a person you are not definite or dont have a clear position of where you stand and cant say yes or no in marrying
To steal anything that has been given into one's trust
To take improperly for one's own use
Pec reminds me of Pesik (deacon)Remember that Pesik steals the job of the priest b/c he thinks he's cool and uses it improperly by acting too dramatic
To make easy,
Cause to progress faster
Expedite looks like the website It makes it faster to get tickets to travel
State of general excitement,
Agitation, turbulence
To be in or work into such a state,
To produce alcohol by chemical action
Ferment sounds like an animal (fer) When you see a mouse you get excited or get in a state of agitation and might bump furniture around which would be like turbulence
Resulting from or marked by a lack of attention
Advert means to call attention to. So a advertant person has to tell a inadvertant person what he did usually unintentional or accidental.

Advertant=bring attention to
INadvertant = the totally opposite
To sympathize with,
Have pity or sorrow for
Share a feeling of distress
Think commi is like comminists. When your friend is called one you sympathize with or have pity and sorrow
You also feel distressed
Existing in name only,
Not real,
Too small to be considered or taken seriously
Nom - is like name, existing only in name
No - not real
Min - like mini, too small to be serious
Not direct
Circuit is round cir (circle)
Not straight or direct
To direct or order,
To prescribe a course of action in an authoritative way,
To prohibit
When you Join a army you are order in a authoritative way
and are prohibited to do certain things
To have an intense dislike or hatred for
Bom - When you strongly dont like someone you want to bomb em'
Resulting from chance rather than from an inherent cause or character,
At Advent there is a chance to start the wreath on fire,you do not do it on purpose by there is a greater risk b/c it is flammable, accidental
To use coaxing, flattery
To gain some desired end
When your "whee high" (small) flattery usually gets you what you desire
To make amends
Make up to
To avert
When you break your friends Plate you try to put it back together or amend it and try to make up for breaking it
To assign,
Refer to,
A Scribe asSIGNS things and refers or attributes people in his stories
Resistant to lawful authority,
Having the purpose of overthrowing an established government
A man name Sed Did It
He overthrew the government and was resistant to the law