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What provides communication instructions and procedures essential to conducting combined military operations and communications in which two or more allied nations are involved?
Allied Communication Publications(ACPs)
What were developed to coordinate and standardize communications among the U.S. Military Services?
Joint Army-Navy-Air Force publications(JANAPs)
What lists the short and long titles, content of each publication, and current edition of JANAPs and ACPs?
JANAP 201 "Status of Noncryptographic JANAPs and ACPs"
What are the main communication publications in use by the US navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps?
Naval Telecommunications Publications(NTP)
What NTPs include information and guidance from basic communication information, to frequency spectrum management?
NTP4 and NTP6
What incorporates the results of fleet tactical development and evaluation programs and fleet and allied(NATO) experience?
Naval Warfare Publications(NWP)
What provides information about the tactical capabilities and limitations of equipment and systems.
What contains information that is necessary for the proper performance of individual duties and is important for individual professional development?
What Naval Warfare Documentation Guide provides guidance for the management of the Naval Warfare Electronic Library(NWEL) and lists the publications contained in the library?
What are developed by each Naval Computer and Telecommujnications Area Master Stations(NCTAMs) and provide reference information on specific tactical communications subjects.
Communications Information Bulletins(CIBs)
What NTP lists the CIBs and their contents for different oceanographic area?
What are used in lieu of plain language for brevity purposes?
Call signs and address groups.
What may be used in transmission instructions and in the address component of either encrypted and unencrypted messages?
Call signs, Address groups and plain language designators.
When secure call signs/address groups are used, what 2 precautions must be taken into account?
Linkage, and compromise.
What is used primarily for establishing and maintaining communications.
Call signs.
What can also be used as address designators when the call sign indicates the addressee or originator?
Call Signs.
The use of call signs in message texts should be ____, except in procedure and _____ messages.
Avoided, service.
Tactical call signs, with the exception of task organization and aircraft tactical call signs, have what?
have a limited area of application.
What are used by warships and merchant vessels when transmitting messages requiring security of origination to shore radio stations?
Indefinite call signs.
Secure call signs and address groups are used to what?
Are used to conceal the identities of stations or message originators and addresses to make interception of traffic analysis myre difficult.
What is more easily obtained by using machine processes to reorder a population of call signs/address groups, which are then distributed to activities for use?
Centralized random scrambles.
Systematic rotations are used to change what?
To change call signs/address groups without re-ordering the allocated call sign/address group population.
What is acomplished by changing references by means of conversion tables?
Rotation of call sign/address group assignments is accomplished.
Encryption is used to what?
Encryption is used to change assigned groups by substituting new characters through use of changing key lists.
groups to be encrypted shall be designated by who?
appropriate authority.
ACP-113 is an unclassified what?
It is an UNCLASSIFIED Allied Communication Publication(ACP)
What lists international call signs and hull numbers for ships under military control?
International call signs are _____ ______ call signs, and are used for nonmilitary and military commands using unencrypted call signs.
Four Letter
What lists two letter TACAN identifiers assigned to TACAN equipped military ships?
What is a limited listing of interim two letter TACAN Identifiers assigned to mobile and fixed land beacons?
What contains task forces and their allocations?
The DECODE section consists of Sections__ and __, and are used when recieving information.
1 and 2
What section lists alphabetically by international Call Signs for U.S. and Allied ships. U.S. Navy assigned NAAB throuh NZZX. The ships: Hull Number, Country, Branch of Service are listed to the right of the cal sign?
Section 1
What section is listed aphabetically by TACAN identifiers?
Section 2
ENCODE section consists of sections __-___, and are used when sending information.
sections 3-23
The internation call sign is located where?
To the right of the ships name.
What section is Indefinite, collective and station ship call signs?
Section 3
What section is Indefinite, collective merchant ship call signs?
Section 4
What sections have an Alphabetical listing by nation, with ships in each setion listed alphabetically?
Sections 5 and 23.
What section lists U.S. Naval ships by name in alphabetic order?
Section 23F
What Section lists U.S. Naval Ships by Class?
Section 23G
What ANNEX contains task force allocations?
What are three letter group codes used with communications to convey orders, instructions, requests, reports and information to speed up communications?
Operation signals.
What is the purpose of publication ACP-131?
The purpose is to list operating signals and provide instrutions for their use.
What publication includes operating signals from the following series of Internation Civil Q code QAA to QNZ, are assigned by the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO)?
The series QAA to QNZ are assigned by who and included in what publication?
The series QOA to QUZ are reserved for who?
Maritime Services
The series ZAA to ZXZ in inclusive of who?
of the Allied Military Z code.
The series ZAA to ZXZ are used by _______ Military installations and is unclassified as plain _____.
Allied, language.
The decode section of publication ACP-131 has what 3 columns?
Signal, Quest, Answer, advice or order.
The Q and Z signals are in ________ order.
When a Q or Z signal is______by the prosign_____ The meaning is found in the Question column.
preceded, INT.
When a Q or Z signal is used ________ the prosign INT, it relays information or ______ an order. It is blank in the question column.
Without, conveys.
Some _ and _ signals have more than ______ answer to a question, and have ______ alternatives.
Q, Z, One, numbered.
ENCODE Q and Z signals have what 4 columns.
Answer, Advice or Order,
The ENCODE chapter is divided into 11 separate sections__-_ thru__-_. The most commonly used in a communications space are what?
3A-1 thru 3K-1.
3F-1 is what?
Communications Equipment and Circuits Adjusting and Testing.
3G-1 is what?
Circuit Discipline and Net Control.
3H-1 is what?
Message Handling.
3K-1 is what?
Exercise and Miscellaneous.