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A menu that can be reached during the boot process that offers advanced OS startup options, such as safe Mode or boot into last know good configuration
Advanced Startup Options
MS-DOS command used to view and configure attributes on files and folders at the command prompt
The 32-bit versioin of a command line interface available in Windows 2000/XP and later
A predefinced MMC application that allows administration of a variety of computer related tasks on the local computer or remote computer,
Computer Manager
A tool that can be used to keep the user's computer running smoothly. The hard disk becomes fragmented as users delete files, move files, delete and install programs and applicatioins, and empty the recycle bin. The files on the hard disk aren't stored contiguously as they once were,m and this cause the computer to work harder than necessary to locate the file fragments, put them together and bring up the data.
Disk Defragmenter
Name coined by Xerox for the first standard of network cabling and protocols. Ethernet is based on bus topology
A system utility that displays one of three event logs: System, Securtiy and Applications, wherein logged or audited event appear. This is often the first stop when monitoring a system's preformance or seeking evidence of problems, because it is where all unusual or extradinary system activites and events are recorded
Event Viewer
The 32-bit enhanced version of FAt introduced by Windows 95 OSR2 that expands the file and volume size of FAT to 32 GB. It is one of the files systmes supported by XP
A Windows error that often caused a PC to lock up. Most commonly caused by two programs accessing the same resources.
General Protection Fault.
A radio-frequency standard that creates a small wirless network between PCs and peripheral devices. It uses a Spread Spectrum broadcasting methond among any of the 79 frequencies in the 2.45 GHz range.
An error caused when an application asks the operating system to preform a function that cannot be carried out. This could be due to an error in code, or when the application tries to access a corrupted system file.
Illegal Operation
A tupe of port installed on new computers, printers, and other devices that allow them to communicate wirelessly. these ports transmit data at about the same rate as a parallel port does, and the devices must be in clos proximity and have a clear line of sight between them.
The high-performance file system supported by Windows XP that offers file-level security, encryption, compression, auditing, Disk Quotas and more. Theoretically supports volumes up to 16 exabytes, but Micorsoft recommends volumes not exceed 2 terabytes.
New Technology File System (NTFS)
A credit card-sized adapter card that adds functionality in many notebook computers, PDAs, and other computer devices. The term replaced the older term, PCMICA
PC Card
A Bluetooth network of up to 255 devices, however, only 7 devices can communicate at any one time. One device is consideredto be the Master, while all others are "slaved" to it. Inactive devices are said to be parked.
Run-line utilites for editing the Windows Registry
A mechansim for requesting help for x86 based computers through Windows Messenger and email or by sending a file requesting help. To use this, the computer requesting help and the computer providing help must be using Windows XP Professional and must have some sort of interconnectitity.
Remote Assistance.
A system snapshot created by the System Restore utiltiy that is used to restore a malfunctioning system.
Restore Point
Two or more piconets that have been networked together
Command-line based utility that checks and verifies the version of system files on your computer. If the files are corrupt, the utiltiy will repalce them with the correct version.
SFC (System File Checker)
a Utility introduced with Windows ME that enables you to return your PC to recent working configurations when something goes wrong.
System Restore
this utiltiy shows all running programs, including hidden ones. Useful for terminating programs that are non-responsive or that will not shut down normally.
Task Manager
A section of a system's hard drive that is set aside to be used when physical memory is unavailable or completly in use.
Virtual Memory
An error that occurs when a virtual device driver (VxD) fails to load or unload. This error usually occurs when a device is listed in both CONFIG.SYS and SYSTEM.INI or the Registry
Windows Protection Error