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How can the efficiency of a machine be improved?
reduce the friction (by adding a lubricant like oil)
What are 2 forms of energy?
define them
potential-stored energy
kinetic-energy in motion
eauation for calculating work
Work = force X distance
effort force
give example
the force applied to a machine when machine is used to do work.
the force applied to the machine
a bar that is free to pivot, or turn about a fixrd point
give 3 examples of wheel and axle
doorknob, faucets, ice-cream maker
How are a screw and wedge related to the inclined plane
The blade of the wedge and the threads of the screw are inclined planes
give 2 examples of compound machines
bicycle and scissors
name the 3 classes of levers
be able to draw them
1st class
2nd class
3rd class
the ability to cause change
the basic unit of energy and work; named for James Prescott Joule
1 joule = a force of 1 newton moving thrugh 1 meter
the ability to do work
Write the equation for calculating the power of a machine.
page 202
mechanical advantage
the number of times a machine multiplies the effort force applied to it.
define watt
how power is measured. A watt is 1 joule per second. named for James Watt.
When is there a gain in force
when the mechanical advantage of a machine is greater than 1
why is a bicycle a compound machine?
It is made up of 2 or more simple machines. wheel and axle, pulley
write eauation for finding the mechanicl advantage of a lever.

resistance force
give example
the force exerted by a machine to overcome resistance to gravity or friction.
The work the crowbar does to pry open a lid.
what 2 factors deterlmine the amount of kinetic energy a moving object has?
mass and velocity
write the equation for calculating efficiency
page 200
How do you find the radius of a wheel and axle?
page 192 in book
Define work in a sentence
the transfer of energy through motion

Write equation for finding mechanical advantage of wheel and axle
page 192
how do you calculate the mechanical advantage of an inclined plane?
page 193
what are the 3 parts of a lever?
fulcrum, effort arm and resistance arm
give example of kinetic energy
runner, bike tire spinning, (anything moving)
Give example of potential energy
A flower pot sitting on a ledge. If something makes it fall it changes to kinetic energy