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A sort order that sorts text values from A to Z and number values from 1 to 10.
Ascending Sort
A feild in an access query, form, or report in which the displayed are results of calculations performed on other fields.
Calculated Field
joining 2 values to display them as a single value.
a limiting condition such as "arizona" or ">100".
a sort order that sorts text values from Z to A and number values from 10 to 1.
Descending Sort
a formula that calculates a value or defines criteria
one or more criterion that you can apply to a datasheet to display a subsheet of records.
a filtering technique in which you can type the values for which you want to filter using a form that contains all the feilds in the datasheet.
Filter By Form
a filtering technique in which you select a value or partial value for which you want to filter using the filter by selection button.
Filter By Selection
retrieves specific data from one or more tables and displays the result in a datasheet.
Select Query