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xian1 (先生)mr.
gui4 honorable
xing4 last name
zai4 again
jian4 return
zao3 early
an1 day
wu3 afternoon
wan3 evening
xi3 luck
huan1 happy, blessed xi3haun1 (enjoy)
kan4 to see
dian4 electricity (影视 movie)
shi4 to see (影视 television)
tai4 many, much
you3 to have
mei2 neg. 有
yao4 to want
mai3 to buy
qi4 steam (汽车 train)
che1 car (车子 car)
pian4 slice(影片 films)
shu1 books
bi3 pencil
mao2 hair (毛笔 pencil)
dong1 east
bao4 to announce, inform (报纸 newspaper)
zhi3 paper (报纸 newspaper)
duo1 many
shao3 few (多少 = things)
zhong3 type, class
zhi1 meas.pencil (枝笔)
ji3 some, many, few
qian2 money, coin
fen1 cent
liang3 two
kaui4 money
ling2 zero
gei3 to give
zhao3 to look for
bao3 a stronghold
bei1 meas. Cups
gong4 together (一共 all together)
ban4 half
ge0 meas.people, small things
fen4 meas. Newspaper, portion
liang4 meas. Cars, vehicles
zhang1 meas. paper
wei4 meas. Sr.sra.
yi4 a hundred million