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When you are very sick, in France, you can call...
le Samu or SOS Me/decin
_______ percent of the French see a doctor at least once a year
39% of France use _______ at least one week in a year
What is the normal body temperature in Celsius?
37 degrees
What temperature would a person with a high fever have?
39-40 degrees Celsius
Where was L'Occitane founded?
En Provence
The first L'Occitane store opened in what year?
What natural products can you find in L'Occitane products?
olive oil, lavender, rosemary oil
Does L'Occitane use natural ingredients made with traditional methods?
Yes, yes they do
Does Social Security reimburse medicine?
Yes, about 35-100%
If you have alot of money, can you benefit from the CMU (Universal health care)
yes, yes you can
How long has Switzerland been neutral?
since 1515
Jean Jacques Rousseau thought that...
Men were born good, but the society is corrupt
Where is Geneva
C'est sur la fronti\ere franco-suisse
Why was the swiss army knife made?
Swiss soldiers were using german knives, so someone created a Swiss knife just for them.
What did Rousseau's ideas influence?
The French Revolution