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inauguration of reagan
turing point hostages released
reagans idea of economics-tax break to rich trickel down theory
james watt
bigest laibility for reagan-lets pave the forest beach boys concert
moral majority
conservative religious taditional people though too much changein 60s lets go back to 50s
defense spending
spend a lot of money for arms
trade deficits
import more than export lots in 80s
concept to ged rid of some of the new deal programs
walter mondale
ran against reagan in 84 got crushed
geraldine ferraro
dem nom for vp 1st women to be nom for vp or president
jesse jackson
tired to take head of civil rights movement after MLK died Rainbow Coolition get blacks more involved
Sandra Day Oconnor
1st women appointed to supreme court
crash of 87
stock market crashes doesnt hit until late 80s and early 90s
evil empire
soviet union
invaded by soviet union in 79 so US didnt go to Moscow Olympics soviet unions version of vietnam
nuclear talks with soviet union and us carter signed but senate never ratified
trade union in Poland took over communism
Lech Walesa
end of 80s President of Poland leader of solidarity
communist leaders of Nicaragua we didnt like them
against sandinistas we supported in nicaraguas civil war
we took over in 6 hours b/c it was way to communist
send in peace keeping troops
korean airlines
accidentaly flew over soviet airspace soviets shot down no warning
Mikhail Gorbachev
soviet leader changed soviet union
star wars build better weapons never happened
worst nuclear disaster in soviet union
iran-contra affair
sold weapons to iranians then gave the money to the contras very illegal
colonel oliver north
in charge of iran-contra affair
muammar khadafy
libian leader hated US now wants to be our friend
george bush
successor to reagan
michael dukakis
dem nom against bush
dan quayle
vp under bush dumb
willie horton case
cost dukakis the election-criminal released
s & l scandal
went banckrupt people lost all their money no insurance
clarence thomas
nom for supreme court by bush balck man
anita hill
accusedd thomas of sexual assault he said vs she said
tiananmen square
bejing pro democratic movement in 89
deng xiao-ping
leader of china put down pro democratic movement
fall of the berlin wall
nov 9 1989
boris yeltsin
power at end of soviet union
commonwealth of independent states
soviet union after its fall
gulf war
91 against hussein Desert Storm
gen norman schwarzkopf
general in charge of gulf war planned it perfectly
scud missiles
by hussein to Isreal, kuwait, etc. we were afraid that they contained biological warfare
family values
bush used in election tradition
H Ross Perot
reform party canditdate
deficit budget
90s change major deficit red to black (good)
health care reform
big topic make it free reduce it?
brady bill
limit weapons
world trade center bombing
feb 93 islamic extremists bombeed this place
branch davidains
religious cult thought gvt went to far lead to oklahoma city bombing
bob dole
rep nom 96
general agreement on trade and tariffs international
north american free trade association good cans go safely through the countries
Al gore
dem non 2000 most populat votes
George W. Bush
rep nom 200 wins
studio 54
most famous disco place picky about who could get in lots of drugs
Me decade
nickname for the 70s
love canal
river used to dump chemicals families got sick sued relocated
south boston high
lots of violence and protesting to desegregating schools
george moscone
san fran mayor assasinated
harvey milk
san fran city supervisor
harvey milk
san fran city supervisor assassinated
dan white
killed milk & moscone
ex-city supervior quit then wanted job back but couldnt get it back so killed them
twinkie verdict too much stress and twinkies
ayatollah khomeini
leader of iran
3 mile island
palce where US's worst muclear disaster happened in Penn
organization of pretroleum exporting countries raised oil prices bad for US
anwar sadat
leader of egypt
menachim Begin
leader of israel
wealthy, young professionals
corporate raiders
big companies take over small ones then resell
jesus theme park mixed fun with religion on tv
disease huge in 80s tons of people die they dont do much about it b/c people get it by doing things most people dont agree with
smart bombs
bombs that could be guided for where to hit
WEB DuBios
social philosopher color line is the problem
stone mountain
souths version of mt rushmore
louis farrakhan
nation islam leader white supremecy is bad
walter winchell
gossip collumnist radio talk show
andy warhol
made instant icon of famous transformed celbs into art