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the study of where people and place are located, and how they relate to eachother
absolute location
the position of a place on the globe
an inaginary line that divides the earth into 2 hemisphers: north and south. 0 (degrees) latitude
a divison of the earth into halfs : north south, east and west
inaginary lines that run parallel tothe equator adn heasure the distance north or south of it
imaginary lines that run parallel to the prime meridian measureing the distance east or west of it
prime meridian
an imaginary line of longitude that runs through greenwich, england dividing the earth ino 2 hemispheres: east and west. ) (degrees) longittude
relitive location
where a place is located in relation to some other place
formal region

(has nothing to do with rich people)
ares where a certian charistics is found thru out the area.
example-states, counties, and cities
functional region
and are where one central characteristic defines the place and ares surrounding it; usually aphysical feature.
example-the appalashias-definedby the appalachian mountians
goods and sevices that are produced locally and sold toother places for profit
goods adn services that are produced abroad and bought locally
relying on other (countiries or people) to provide goods and services in exchange for something else
mercator Projection
map created my Gerardus Mercator, accurately defines the aresclosest to the equator, but distores the poles
inerrupted projection
map projection that accuratly defines all land masses at the expences of the oceans
Peters Projection
map projection that accuratly depicts all land masses and oceans, but is distorted at the north and south poles
Robinson projection
map projection most commonly used today. accuratly defines landmasses, oceans, and the poles, butis distored at the edges
the study of the physical features of a place
types of plant life in a certian place, i.e. desertes, forests, grasslands, and savannas
high, steep, rugged land that rises above surrounding land
elevation-height above sea level

hill-ares of raised land, lower and less steep than mountains

plain-large ares of fairly level or gently rolling land

plateau-lagre areas of high, flat or gently rolling land
turning raw materials into products
developed country
modern industreail societies: i.e. the US, france, spain, japan
developing country
countires that lack industries and modern technology
commercial farming
growing crops and live stock in order to sell at the market for profit
substance farming
growing enough crops for the needs of only your family or village