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What do animals depend on for their energy supply?
Green plants
What substance in green plants captures light energy from the sun?
What are green plants called?
Through what does a plant breathe?
What breaks down dead plant and animal matter?
What are tiny green plants on the surface of the ocean called?
What does a first-order consumer eat?
green plants
What does a second-order consumer eat?
other animals
What is a community?
all of the groups of populations in an ecosystem
What is a niche?
the role a living thing plays in its environment
What does an Egyptian plover do for a crocodile?
It cleans leeches off its teeth.
From what does all energy come?
The sun
What is a scavenger?
A scavenger eats dead plant and animal matter.
What is ecology?
The study of the relationships between living and the nonliving environment
What is photosynthisis?
the process by which green plants change light energy into food energy
What is a herbivore?
an animal that eats only plants for food
What is glucose?
a sugar produced by green plants during photosynthesis, which is used for food
What is a food web?
a group of related food chains
What is an omnivore?
an animal that eats both plants and animals
What is a carnivore?
an animal that eats only meat
What is a population?
a group of one kind of living thing
What is respiration?
Breaking down of food to release energy
What is an ecosystem?
the environment in which living and nonliving things are interdependent
What does interdependent mean?
living things depend on each other
What is a producer?
green plants