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actions or processes that involve the entire world and result in making something (ex. McDonald's, automobiles, clothing brands) worldwide in scope
transnational corporation
a company that researchs, operates factories and sells products in many places other than its headquarters
The arrangement of something across Earth's suface
the frequency of which something exists within a given unit of area (people/sq. mile)
arithmetic density
total people/total land area
physiological density
total people (not just farmers)/total arable land
agricultural density
total farmers/total arable land
the spread of something over a given area -NOT DENSITY- (clustered or eveny dispersed)
the geometric or or regular arrangement of something in a study area
space-time compression
reduction in time it takes for diffusion to occur across a long distance (horses -> mail carriers -> cellphones)
distance decay
the diminishing in importance and eventual disappearing of a phenomenon cause by increasing distance from it's origin (culture (African culture -> America)
the spread of a feature or trend from one place to another
relocation diffusion
the spread of a feature or trend through the bodily movement of people from one place to another
expansion diffusion
the spread of a feature or trend from one place to another with a snowballing effect
hierarchical diffusion
the spread of a feature or trend fro one person of power or authority (government leader or celebrity) to other people
contagious diffusion
a rapid, widespread diffusion of a feature or trend throughout a population
stimulus diffusion
the spread of an underlying princple even though one feature or characteristic is rejected
origin of diffused feature or trend
uneven developement
the increasing gap in economic conditions between regions due to economic globalization