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Geographers identify the 4 major landforms as
mountains, hills, plains and plateaus
Where did the Iroquois settle?
Eastern woodlands
Where did the Pueblos settle?
the Southwest
What was the major factor that decreased the Native American population?
Unaccurate maps were a major obstacle faced by _______________ in their trips to America.
European explorers
Who explored the Southwest for Spain?
Francisco Coronado
Which French explorer claimed Quebec?
Samuel de Champlain
What European country sent explorers along the coast of Africa?
the Portuguese
Identify major causes for European migration to the Americas
What products were traded between the West African Empires and European explorers?
Jamestown and Roanoke Island were settled for what reasons?
economic reasons
Identify one effect of the French and Indian War.
Proclamation of 1763 and the British wanted colonists to pay for the war
Where did the Quakers settle?
Middle Colonies/Pennsylvania
Name the New England Colonies and their economic activity.
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
economic activity is fishing and whaling
Name the Middle Colonies and their economic activity
New York
New Jersey
economic activity is Breadbasket colonies
What was the major conflict between Great Britain and her colonies?
taxation without representation
What battle ended the American Revolution and who surrendered?
General Cornwallis surrendered
Why were the colonists able to defeat the British in the American Revolution?
home territory
help from foreign countries
dedication to cause
skilled leadership
What was one weakness of the Articles of Confederation in 1781?
weak national government
all states regardless of size had one vote
no executive or judicial branch
Who was named the "Father of the Constitution"?
James Madison
Who was the first secretary of the treasury?
Alexander Hamilton
Name one accomplishment of the Washington Administration
passage of the Bill of Rights
federal court system
plans for Washington D.C.
Name an accomplishment of Adam's Administration
two party system
Name an accomplishment of Jeffeson's Administration
Louisiana Purchase