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what type of training tasks-both core and non-core-require third-party certification?
critical tasks
what type of maintenance tasks are normally included on the special certification roster?
Those that have a high potential for personnel injury or damage to equipment
What form is normally used to add someone to the special certification roster?
AF IMT 2426, training request and completion notification
what should a supervisor do when they determine that a person is no longer qualified to perform a task for which they have been added to the special certification roster to perform?
Decertify them and have them removed from the SCR for that task
maintenance orientation class given to newly assigned personnel is considered what phase of training under the maintenance qualification program?
Phase 1
What agency is required to develop a list of all mandatory TD, MTF, and advanced distributed learning courses that maintenance personnel must attend in order to work on a specific MDS
lead commands
What course must a MSgt or above attend, if available, when they will be supervising personnel on an MDS for which they have less than 1 year experience?
Aircraft Familiarization course
What does it mean when someone is showing in IMDS as AWACT without a due date for a particular training requirement?
That the initial training has not been performed or loaded
When an inventory of course materials is accomplished, what should also be completed in the CDC volumes before a trainee is allowed to begin work on the CDC course?
Any applicable pen and ink changes
Which AF IMT should be used to show milestones such as date volume issued, completed, any delays, reviews of training progress, course exam ordered/passed or fail, and any other significant CDC training issues?
AF IMT 623a, on the job training record continuation sheet
When you are building a master training plan for your flight/section, what should you do first?
develop a master task list
What cutoff should be used to determine if a task should be a workcenter requirement?
if its performed by 51% of more personnel in the workcenter
What are the primary methods trainees and supervisors have to provide input to AETC about the type and quality of training received?
Training related AETC surveys and critiques
What is the purpose of the annual MATAG conference?
to improve readiness through better maintenance training
For maintenance, what are the manning authorizations based on?
on the number of primary aerospace vehicles authorized
Provide a description of backup aircraft inventory assets?
extra aircraft given to a unit to allow for scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, modifications, and inspections without reductions of aircraft availability for the operational mission
what is the overall goal of the Logistics Composite Model in determining manpower requirements?
To strike the proper balance between people, workload, and sortie generation potential
A disconnect can occur between manpower requirements determined by an LCOM study and actual requirements. What are some of the factors that LCOM doesn't take in to account that may cause this disconnect?
Not taking into account OJT, surges, training deployments, split operations, exercises, or inspections
What does the UPMR provide a listing of?
Unit authorizations (including gains and losses) by workcenter or FAC with the name and rank of the actual person filling each position
What is the manning assist used for?
to alleviate a short term manning problem caused by a temporary but unusually high workload
Who is the approval authority to schedule maintenance personnel to work a shift longer than 12 hours?
Why is the shift rotation a key component of personnel utilization?
it allows each individual to develop personal experience and knowledge by exposing them to shift specific duties
What can a maintenance analysis referral be used for?
To identify, investigate, and propose corrective action for management problems and to document corrective actions for implementation on a wider scale
Training detachments are administratively assigned to which MAJCOM
AETC detachments normally DO NOT provide what type of training?
Ancillary training
The block training method is normally used to each which maintenance training flight course?
Maintenance Orientation
Each airframe and powerplant specialized course must be completed within how many months?
Which of the following is used as the cover folder for an individual's training records?
AF Form 623, Individual Training Record
All of the following can designate critical tasks that apply to a specific AFSC in a particular work center except
unit training managers
Who must approve a waiver before an individual can be added to the special certification roster for a task normally performed by a person of a higher grade?
In order to be given authority to downgrade a "Red-X" an individual must be approved by the maintenance group commander and hold the minimum grade of
What continuation training consists of academic and practical hands-on courses that complement initial skills training received through AETC mission ready airman and training detachment courses?
Maintenance qualification
How often does the maintenance training flight provide a status of training briefing to the maintenance group commander?
An individual comes due for a training re certification while on TDY, on leave, or incapacitated. Provided it has not been more than 60 days since the original due date, how many days are allowed after returning before desertification is required?
Who is responsible for conducting an interview with both the trainee and his/her supervisor before a trainee starts a new CDC
Unit training manager
Once you have completed the master task list for your master training plan, your next step is to
determine training needs
In order to account for unfunded requirements and valid non-maintenance tasks, the logistics composite model allows what percentage of overhead manning?
Which element of a logistics composite model study considers weather modeling conditions
Operations requirements
Which factor is not modeled in a logistics composite model manpower study?
Training deployments
Manpower authorizations are?
A unit manpower document does not
show the name of a person assigned to a particular position
A meeting to discuss manning issues in the maintenance group is normally held
Which maintenance group office acts as the office of primary responsibility for maintenance analysis referrals?
Maintenance data system analysis