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List 5 components of SAP Netweaver
- SAP cross applications (SAP xAPPS)
- SAP enterprise portal (SAP EP)
- SAP business intelligence (SAP BI)
- SAP exchange infrastructure (SAP XI)
- SAP web application server (SAP Web AS)
List the 4 Netweaver subareas
- People integration
- Information integration
- Process integration
- Application platform
What's the difference between an enterprise service and a web service
- Web services are small modular applications
- Enterprise services describe the broader business process logic
List the two programming languages available in SAP
- J2EE
There are roughly two categories of functions is SAP. What are they?
- Basis functions
- Application functions
SAP integrates with external systems using _____.
_____ allows you to create cross-company, unified master data across various dependent systems.
master data management (MDM)
An _____ ensures a central point of access to information, applications, and services in the company
enterprise portal