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What is the AR for Wear and Apperance of the Uniform?
AR 670-1
What are the 3 classifications of service and utility or field uniforms?
Class A-Pants Jacket Tie
Class B-Pants shirt
Class C-Utilities, BDU, Field, hospital, food service
When is the black 4 in hand necktie required to be worn by male service members?
With the class a uniform, and the class B long sleeved shirt
When is the black neck tab required to be worn by female service members?
Only when wearing the long sleeve or long sleeve maternity shirt
What are 2 important factors contributing to personal appearance?
Physical fitnessand adherence to weight standards
What is the rule of thumb for the wearing of religous apparel?
They must be neat, conservative, and discreet
Can soldiers dye, tint or bleach their hair?
Yes but it must be a natural hair color and must not detract from the military image
Can soldiers cut a part into their hair?
Only if the hair does not part naturally, and the line is strait
What is the specific standard for male haircuts
Must be neatly groomed, hair must be tapered, When hair is combed it will not fall over the ears or eyebrows, or touch the collar.
What does a tapered appearance mean?
The outline of the soldiers hair conforms to the shape of the head.
Are male soldiers allowed to wear braids or cornrows?
Describe the grooming standards for sideburns
Sideburns must be neatly trimmed, may not be flared, will be a clean shaven horizontal line, will not extend below the lowest part of the ear opening
What is the standard for mustaches?
must be neatly trimmed and tapered. Must not be chopped off or bushy, cannot cover the upper lip or extend sideways beyond a vertical line from the corners of the mouth
What is the standard for female haircuts?
Hair must be neatly groomed. Hair will not fall below the eyebrows or extend below the bottom edge of the collar at any time. The hair will not fall below the bottom edgeof the front of the headgear
Can female soldiers wear braids or cornrows?
Yes as long as the style is conservative
Are hair holding devices authrized for female soldiers to wear?
Yes as long at they are not decorative, and are clear and the same color as the hair
What is the Army's policy regarding tattoos?
Tattoos cannot be visible when wearing the class A uniform, The tattoo cannot be extremist, racist, or sexist in nature
Describe the proper sleeve length for uniform coats and jackets
1 inch below the wristbone
Describe the proper fit for trousers and slacks
Trousers (males) worn at the top of the hipbone, the front creasewill reach the top of the instep, will be cut at the diagonal to reach middle of the back of the class a shoe
Slacks (female) Worn at the natural waistline, front crease will reach top of the instep, cut at a diagonal to reach the middle of the back of the class a shoe
What is the proper length of the class a skirt?
No more that 1 inch above or 2 inches below the center of the knee
What is the proper length of the long sleeve shirt?
The sleeve will extend to the center of the wrist bone
What is the policy concerning the carryingof civilian bags while in uniform?
The bag must be black, carried on the same side as the strap, the contents of the bag may not be visible
Describe some instances when the wear of the army uniform would be prohibited?
In connection with political or commercial interests
When wearing the uniform would bring discredit upon the army
when specifically prohibited by army regulations
When is headgear not required to be worm by soldiers?
When the headgear would interfere with the safe operation on vehicles, When in a POV, When indoors unless under arms, When attending evening social events (after retreat)
What should you do to a service uniform before disposing of it?
Remove all distinctive items
What is army policy on the wearing of jewelry?
Soldiers may wear a wristwatch, an id bracelet, and a total of 2 rings.
id bracelet must be a pow or medical alert type
What is the army policy on piercings including earings?
When on an Army installation, in or out of uniform no piercings can be worn
What is the exception for the army piercings policy?
Female soldiers may wear prescribed earrings with the service, dress and mess uniforms. When females are off duty there is are no restrictions for earrings
Describe the placement of the "US" and branch insignia on the Class A uniform for males and females?
Centered on the right collar 1 inch (males) or 5/8 inch (females) above the notch the centerline should be parallel with the inside edge of the lapel
What is the proper placement of rank insignia on the class a jacket?
Centered betwixt the shoulder seam and elbow
Who is required to wear none subdued pin on insignia of grade on the collar of the AG 415 shirt?
Specialist and below
Describe the placement of the SSI and the SSI-FWTS?
patches are worn centered on the sleeve 1/2 inch below seam
SSI on the left
SSI-FWTS on the right
What is the DUI and where is it worn?
Driving under the influence or Distinctive Unit Insignia worn centered on shoulder loops equidistance from the shoulder seam to the outside edge of the button
Describe the proper placement of the nametape.
Centered left to right on the flap of the right breast pocket centered between the top of the button and the top of the pocket flap for males
females- 1 to 2 inches above the top button of the coat centered on the wearers right
Describe the correct placement of the service stripes
On the outside bottom half of the left sleeve, at a 45 angle with the lower end 4 inches fron the inside seam of the sleeve.
Describe the correct placement of the overseas service bars
On the outside bottom half of the right sleeve, at a 45 angle with the lower end 4 inches fron the inside seam of the sleeve.
Describe how ribbons are worn on the uniform.
In order of precedence right to left 1/8 inch above left pocket flap for males
Females- Centered on the left side with the bottom row positioned parallel to the bottom edge of the nameplate
Describe the proper wear of unit awards on the class a uniform.
Males- 1/8 inch above the right pocket flap
Females- 1/2 inch from the top of the nameplate
What is an appurtenance?
Denotes the second and subsequent awarding of medal or ribbon
What appurtenance is used in lieu of five bronze oak leaf clusters?
A silver oak leaf cluster
What is proper placement of the oak leaf cluster?
Centered on ribbon with the stems of the leaves pointing to the wearers right