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When the command "Close Ranks", is given to members the 4th rank moves how many paces forward?
Three paces
After the command "dress right, dress", a formation returns to the attention position on what command?
Ready om the word "Front"
Personnel in formation align themselves with what person?
Each Other
When executing the command "fall in", the squad forms in line on which person?
Squad Leader
How many movements are used to perform the "about face", command?
Talk is permitted when you are in what formation position?
What is the basic military drill position?
A pace consists of a full step length the distance for men & women are?
Men - 30 inches
Women - 24 inches
Personnel in ranks, chest of one person & back of the person ahead should be what distance apart?
40 inches
E-6 & below women are authorized to wear ball-type earrings what size & color?
6mm, silver
Women's maximum nail length?
1/4 inch
How many rings per hand for men besides wedding or engagement rings?
What info is on your dog tags?
Last name, First name, M.I.
Blood Type, RH Factor,
Religious preference
On active duty when do you wear your dog tags?
1) Time of War,
2) Engaged in Flight OPS
3) When prescribed by the CNO
What is the pupose of the Armed Forces I.D. card under Article 17 of the Geneva Convention?
As a means of I.D. for POW's