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Where are unit awards worn on the uniform?
Over the right breast pocket
Why are all Soldiers in the U.S. Army now authorized to wear the Reverse-Side Full-Color U.S. Flag Cloth Replica upon gaining permission from their commander?
The Nation is at war and will be for the foreseeable future. As an expeditionary Army, our Soldiers' commitment to fight and win our Nation's War, at home and abroad, is best exemplified by permanently wearing the U.S. Flag insignia on the utility uniforms.
Why is the flag worn on the right shoulder of the Utility Uniforms?
The flag is worn on the right shoulder to give the effect of the flag flying in the breeze as the wearer moves forward.
Regardless of their deployment status, Soldiers are now authorized to wear the Reverse-Side Full-Color U.S. Flag insignia on which utility uniforms?
• BDUs
• Desert BDUs
• Maternity BDU
• Cold Weather Coat (Field Jacket)
• Aircrew Battle Dress Uniform
• Combat Vehicle Crewman Uniform
• Jacket (Cold Weather)
When does the new policy of wearing the Reverse-Side Full-Color U.S. Flag Inignia on utility uniforms go into effect?
It goes into effect upon the Commander's ability to procure the insignias and allocate funds, and the operational tempo due to upcoming deployments/re-deployments; however the mandatory wear date of the U.S. Flag Insignia on the Utility Uniforms is No Later Than 01 Oct, 2005.
How is the Reverse-Side Full-Color U.S. Flag Inignia placed on the Utility Uniform?
If the Soldier has a Shoulder Sleeve Insignia-Former Wartime Service (SSI-FWTS) (Also commonly called a "combat patch), the insignia is placed 1/8 inch below the SSI-FWTS. If the Soldier does not have a SSI-FWTS, the insignia is placed 1/2 inch below the right shoulder seam.
When was the latest version of the AR 670-1 released?
05 Sept, 2003
When is the BDU Uniform considered unserviceable?
When there is no longer a defined line between any of the four colors in the camouflage.
What AR covers the issue and sale of personal clothing?
AR 700-84
When is the BDU Uniform considered unserviceable?
When there is no longer a defined line between any of the four colors in the camouflage.
What AR covers the issue and sale of personal clothing?
AR 700-84
What is the proper distance of the shoulder patch from the seam of the shoulder?
1/2 inch
What are the dimensions of the dress uniform nameplate?
1 x 3 x 1/10 of an inch
What is the only time that commercially designed protective headgear is authorized for wear with uniform?
When operating motorcycles, bicycles or like vehicles but once the travel is complete protective headgear must be removed and army headgear donned
Are you authorized to "block" the patrol cap (PC)?
Marksmanship badges are placed how far below the pocket seam of the male uniform?
1/8 inch below
When wearing a beret, how many inches above the eyebrow should the headband be?
1 inch
What is the rule of thumb for measuring worn boot heels?
With the boot or shoe flat on the ground, if you can roll a pencil underneath the edge of the heel, the heels are unserviceable and should be replaced
Can the Black all-weather coat be worn as a raincoat while wearing BDUs?
Yes, but only in a Garrison environment when organizational rain gear has not been issued
When must Identification Tags be worn?
When directed by the commander, engaged in field training, in an aircraft, or OCONUS
Who is authorized to wear insignia of branch on the BDU cap?
What does "ECWCS" stand for?
Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System
One service stripe represents how many years?
How far above the elbow will the sleeve be rolled?
No more than 3 inches above the elbow
Who is authorized to wear the field jacket or black all weather coat unzipped/ unbuttoned?
Female soldiers if necessary while wearing the maternity uniform
What Army Regulation covers the wear and appearance of the military uniform?
AR 670-1
May the "ear flaps" of the patrol cap be worn down?
Yes, at the discretion of the individual during cold weather except when in formation
What are the ranks that shoulder boards come in?
Corporal through SGM of the Army and also the Officer Ranks.
What is the standard headgear for wear with the food service uniform?
The black beret
When is headgear not required to be worn?
• Indoors (unless under arms or directed by the commander)
• While in a commercial or privately owned vehicle
• When the wearing of the headgear would interfere with the safe operation of military vehicles or equipment
• After 1700 hrs. in the class A or dress uniform while attending or enroute to formal dining function
• While in the PFT Uniform unless otherwise directed
Which direction does the belt tab on the army belt extend to?
The wearers left
What footwear is authorized with the flight suit?
The black leather combat boot and the black leather insulated boot
How are service stripes placed on the uniform?
Centered on the outside half of the left sleeve at a 45-degree angle, with the lower end towards the inside seam of the sleeve.
How are service ribbons worn?
In order of precedence from the wearer's right to left, in one or more rows, centered 1/8th inch above the left breast pocket, with either no spaces or 1/8-inch spaces between rows.
What military clothing items can be worn with civilian clothes?
• Low quarters
• The windbreaker
• The all-weather coat
How many marksmanship badges are authorized for wear at one time?
Exposed pens in pockets are allowed on which uniforms?
• Hospital duty
• Food service uniforms
• Flight uniforms
How high above the camouflage band will the rank be sewn on a camouflage cover?
2 and 1/2 inches from the bottom of the rim