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How are service stripes worn on the uniform?
On the left sleeve, centered four inches up from the edge of the sleeve.
How are overseas bars worn on the uniform
On the right sleeve, centered four inches up from the edge of the sleeve
When wearing the beret, how many inches above the eyebrow should the headband be?
1 inch
Full size decorations and service medals may be worn on what uniforms?
Army blue, white and green dress uniforms.
What are the four categories of badges that are worn on the army uniform?
Marksmanship badges and tabs, combat and special skill badges and tabs, identification badges, foreign badges.
How many marksmanship badges are authorized for wear at any one time?
How high above the camouflage band will the rank be sewn on the camouflage cover?
rank will be sewn on 2 1/2 inches above the bottom rim.
What is the rule for the placement of enlisted soldier's brass on their uniform?
US is always right
What is the proper distance for the shoulder patch from the seam of the shoulder?
1/2 inch
How many years does on service stripe represent?
What jewelry may be worn while in uniform?
A Watch, medical ID bracelet, two rings (wedding set counts as one ring), a religious medallion on a chain provided the chain is concealed.
When is headgear not required to be worn outdoors.
When it would interfere with the safe operation of a military vehicle, in POV's or commercial vehicles
When is wear of the army uniform prohibited for all army personnel.
In connection with the promotion of any political or commercial interest, off duty civilian employment, participating in public speeches interviews picket lines marches rallies, when wearing would bring discredit upon the US army, when specifically prohibited by army regulation
When must ID tags be worn?
During field training, at all times while in uniform, while traveling on a civilian or military aircraft, when traveling outside the US
On what uniform will the subdued insignia be worn?
On all work, field, and utility uniforms.
The bright brass pin-on insignia of rank is authorized for wear on what uniforms for enlisted personnel?
Class A&B green shirt, hospital duty uniform, food service uniform, black all weather coat and windbreaker
In what military situation would the wearing of the windbreaker not be authorized?
In formation, unless authorized by the local commander
Can commercial rucksacks, gym bags, or other like articles be worn over the shoulder while in uniform?
Yes, they have to be black with no logos., carried on one shoulder, bag and strap must be on same side of body. May only be worn on two shoulders when riding a bike or motorcycle.
When is the green service cap authorized to be worn?
Limited to ceremonies or official duties, if such wear was prescribed by the commander
What are the dimensions for the nametape attached to the ECWCS
Will be 1/2 inch wide and 3 1/2 inch long with 1/4 block lettering. Nametapes will be attached to the pocket flap on the left sleeve of the parka only
Is baldness authorized for male soldiers, either natural or shaved?
Are electronic devices authorized for wear with the military uniform?
Yes. One electronic device is authorized for wear in the performance of official duties. Device must be black and may not exceed 4x2x1 inches. Devices that do not comply must be carried.
When is the use of the camouflage hydration system authorized?
For field duty or details
What are the only contact lenses authorized for wear with the military uniform?
Opaque lenses when prescribed for eye injuries and clear corrective vision lenses
How should your boots be bloused?
No lower then the third eyelet from the top of the boot
When did the black beret become the Armys standard headgear for conventional forces?
On 14 JUN 2001
How is the insignia worn on the black beret?
The distinctive unit insignia centered on the beret flash.
What is the manual for wear and appearance of army uniforms?
AR 670-1
Can male soldiers wear wigs?
Yes, but only to cover natural baldness or a physical disfiguration. And, it must conform to army standards
Can any soldier hang keys or a knife from the belt or belt loop?
No. Only the armorer or charge of quarters is allowed to hang keys from the belt or belt loops
Are male soldiers allowed to wear earrings?
Male soldiers are not allowed to wear earrings in uniform or in civilian clothing while on duty.
Can soldiers wear sunglasses in formation without military medical authority?
No. The medical reason must be for reasons other than refractive error of the eyes.
What items of military clothing may be worn with civilian clothes?
The all weather coat, low quarters, and the windbreaker
Are soldiers required to wear awards or decorations?
Only if the commander requires them to do so.
How should the regimental crest be worn on the male and female class a uniforms?
The crest should be centered, 1/2 inch above the nameplate on female uniforms, and 1/8 inch on the male uniforms above the top of the right pocket flap. Crests shold be worn 1/4 inch above any unit awards or foreign badges on male and female uniforms.
How are ribbons worn on the male uniform?
Centered, 1/8 inch above the left breast pocket in as many rows as necessary.
What is a simple way to measure worn boot heels?
If you can roll a pencil under the heel when the boot or shoe i flat on the ground, the heels are unserviceable and should be replaced
What is the regulation distance for the shoulder patch from the seam of the shoulder.
1/2 inch
If a soldier is authorized by medical profile to grow a beard what is the maximum length the beard may be allowed to grow?
1/4 inch
Can a soldier carry or use an umbrella while in uniform?
Female personnel are only allowed to use an umbrella. It may be carried while wearing the service, dress and mes uniforms. But, umbrellas will not be carried when wearing field or utility uniforms.
How much time in a war zone does a combat hash stripe represent?
Six months
HHow many combat and special skill badges may be worn on a uniform at one time?
A total of four combat and special skill badges may be worn at a time
Does the parachutist badge have precedence over the air assault badge?
Personnel who are authorized to wear both parachutist and air assault badges may determine the orer of wear. There is no precedence as they are both in the same special skill badge group.
Describe the male dress green uniform
The green dress uniform consists of the army green coat and rousers, white shirt and black tie
What is the correct length of long sleeve shirts?
The sleeve should reach to the center of the wrist bone
What is the proper sleeve length of uniform coats and jackets?
The sleeve will be 1 inch below the bottom of the wristbone.
What is the correct sleev length of the black all weather coat?
The sleeve length will be 1/2 inch longer then the service coat when worn under the black all weather coat.
How long must the black all weather coat be for males?
The bottom of the coat will reach to a point 1 1/2 inches below the midpoint of the knee.
What is a brassard?
A badge or piece of cloth worn around the left sleeve of the outer garment.
Describe the proper fit of trousers
Trousers should be worn with the lower edge of the waistband at the top of the hipbone, plus or minus 1/2 inch. The front crease will reach to the top of the instep and be cut diagonally to a point about midway between the top of the heel and the top of the standard shoe in the back. The trousers may have a slight break in the front.
Describe the fit of slacks.
Slacks must be fitted and worn so that the center of the waistband is at the natural wasitline. The front crease will reach the top of the instep and be cut on a diagonal line to a point midway between the top of the heel and the top of the standard shoe in the back. There may be a slight break in the front crease.
What are three types of special skill tabs
The president's hundred tab
Ranger tab
Special forces tab
Describe the wearing of special skill tabs.
Tabs are worn 1/2 inch below the shoulder seam on class a uniforms, and 1/8 inch below the sholder seam on utility uniforms.
How many special skill tabs may be worn with an army uniform?
Is a tie or neck tab required when weaing the black pullover sweater with the class b uniform?
No, however the short sleeve shirt collar must be worn outside the sweater when worn wthout a tie or neck tab
How is the nameplate worn with the black pullover sweater?
It will be worn 1/2 inch above the bottom of the patch.
How is distinctive unit insignia worn with the black pullover sweater?
It will be centered from left to right, top to bottom of the nameplate. If the individual isn't authorized DUI then regimental distinctive insignia may be worn.
How are special skill and combat badges worn on the male class a uniform?
They will be centered, 1/4 inch above the pocket top or ribbons. When two or more badges are worn above the pocket or ribbons they must be stacked 1/2 inch above the other. In those instances where badges or ribbons are obscured by the coat lapel they may be aligned with the left edge of the ribbons or medals.
How are unit awards worn on the male green uniform?
Centered, 1/8 inch above the top of the right pocket flap
How is the US insignia disk worn on the male class a uniform?
Center the disk on the collar, the bottom of the disk approximately one inch above the right notch of the lapel, and insure the center line of the disk is parallel to the inside edge of the lapel
Describe the regulation regarding sideburns.
Sideburns will not extend below the lowest part of the exterior ear opening. The base will not be flared and will be a clean-shaven, horizontal line.
Describe the regulation regarding trouser blousing.
Trousers must be bloused using the trouser draw strings, blousing rubbers, and if tucked into the boots, trousers will not be wrapped around the legs so tight as to present a pegged appearance.
How are ribbons worn on the male class a uniform?
Center ribbons 1/8 inch above the top of the left pocket flap. Third and subsequent rows may be aligned to the left to present a better appearance.
How is the nameplate worn on the male green uniform?
Centered on the right pocket flap between the top of the button and top of the pocket.
How are marksmanship and special skill badges worn on the male class a unifrom?
Center marksmanship bades on the left pocket flap 1/8 inch below the seam, or edge if no seam. When more than one badge is worn, space them one inch apart. When special skill badges are worn, they are placed to the right of marksmanship badges (closer to the heart)
What does the phrase TA 50 stand for?
It is shortened form of CTA 50-900
What does CTA stand for?
common table of allowances.
Where does a soldier normally draw TA 50?
From CIF
What does CIF stand for?
It is the abbreviation for central issue facility.
In what direction should the laurel leafs point on framed unit awards?
They should point up/
What is the order of precedence that unit awards should be worn?
They shold be worn in order of precedence with the highest award on the person's right, no more than three emblems per row, no space between awards, with up to 1/8 inch space between rows.
Do CID special agents have to wear insignia of rank on utility uniforms?
No, if the commanding general of the US army criminal investigation comman directs them not to wear it. They will instead wear subdued US, in block letters on their collar.
How is the ariborne or air assault flash worn on class A uniforms?
The bottom edge of the flash trimming will be worn 1/4 inch above ribbons on male and female green uniforms, or 1/4 inch above the left pocket when ribbons are not worn on male green uniforms. When the flash is worn on the pocket of male green uniforms the top of the flash triming, wreath or star will be 1/8 inch below the seam or top of pocket.