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what article is persons subject ot this code under?
article 2
what article is jurisdiction to try certain personnel under?
article 3
what article is apprehension under?
article 7
what article is apprehension of deserters under?
article 8
what article is impostion of restraint under?
article 9
what article is restraint of persons charged with offenses under?
article 10
what article is reports and receiving of prisoners under?
article 11
what article is confinement with the enemy prisoners prohibited under?
article 12
what article is punishment prohibited before trail under?
article 13
what article is delivery of offenders to civil authorities under?
article 14
what article is commanding officer's nonjudicial punishment under?
article 15
what article is who may serve on courts martial under?
article 25
what article is detail of trial counsel and defense counsel
article 27
what article is compulsory self incrimination prohibited under?
article 31
what article is unlawfully influencing action of court under?
article 37