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Define PCMCIA:
Perconal Computer Memory Card International Association.
How many pins on a PCMCIA Card slide-in pin and socket arrangement?
68 pins
Type I PCMCIA card: Year introduced and thickness?
1990 - 3.5 mm thick
Type II PCMCIA card: Year introduced and thickness?
1991 - 5 mm thick
Type II PCMCIA support all orginal expansion functions except what?
Removable Hard drive units.
True or False: You can NOT use a Type II PCMCIA card in a Type I slot?
Width of PCMCIA type III cards?
10.5 mm
PCMCIA standard provides support for how many adapters?
True or False: You need to check whether a new hard drive for a portable computer is Type I or Type II

(Only Type III supports hard drives)
Define LBA:
Logical Block Addressing
Define Hard drive term: EHCS
Enhanced Cylinder Head Sector
Hard drive term: EIDE
Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
Hard Drive term: IDE
Integrated Drive Electronics.
If a system can NOT support LBA or EHCS enhancements, what is the maximum capacity for that drive?
504 MB
Hard Drive term - Average time it takes for a R/W head to locate a hard disks track sector.
Access Time
Hard drive term - (Measured in MBps) Speed at which data is transferred between System and HDD.
data transfer rate
Hard drive term - Time it takes for the HDD's R/W head to move between cylinders to locate the track that a system Seek command identifies.
track seek time
Define UTP
Unshielded Twisted Pair
Define STP
Shielded Twisted Pair
Original Ethernet Specifiaction: Cable types and Speed.
Coaxial, UTP, STP 10 Mbps
Three types of CPU cooling systems today:
1) Heat sinks and cooling fans.
2) Water Coolers
3) Refrigeration
Symptom: A laptop starts producing short memory counts at bootup. Most likely Cause?
Computer cannot recognize the RAM.