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59 yr old presents with left sided hearing loss, numbness over left half of face and unsteadiness of gait; vertigo and ringing in ear; pt falls to left when standing with eyes closed (positive Romberg's sign); sensorineural hearing loss on left esp with high frequencies. possible neoplasm?
schwannoma of eighth nerve
with what syndrome are acoustic schwannomas associated?
type 2 neurofibromatosis (NF-2)
what is acute torticollis?
pain and stiffness on one side of neck due to acute spasm of neck muscles from straining; could be trapezius, supraspinatus, rhomboid, splenius capitis, levator scalpula
57 yr old male uses inappropriate words and phrases to refer to ordinary objects; hypertension and Babinski's reflex present. disorder and cause?
Wernicke's (receptive) aphasia due to a lesion in superior temporal gyrus due to left middle cerebral artery occlusion; speech is fluent but nonsensical
what is Broca's aphasia? where is the lesion?
aka nonfluent "expressive" aphasia is when pts know what they want to say but are unable to do so; inferior frontal gyrus
young child, severe refractory headache, nystagmus, cystic posterior fossa tumor; ataxic gait, papilledema due to increased intracranial pressure
astrocytoma; located in cerebellum (ie posterior fossa)
Bell's palsy is mostly idiopathic; what are other possible causes or associations?
diabetes, AIDS, Lyme disease, tumors, sarcoidosis
what are common complications from cavernous sinus thrombosis?
meningitis and pulmonary septic emboli
what nerve damage can occur from fracture of the head of fibula?
damage of the common peroneal nerve; foot drop, numbness and tingling along dorsum of the foot and anterolateral aspect of leg
young boy complains of pain in his left elbow after falling off the bike; numbness on medial side of his hand, can't abduct fingers. what happened?
separation of epiphysis of medial epicondyle and damage to ulnar nerve at the medial epicondyle-olecranon groove
what is a likely problem when bone conduction is better than air conduction?
perforated tympanic membrane