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What is NAVPERS 1626/7
Report of disposition and offense
What article of the UCMJ allows a commanding officer to administer punishment for small offenses?
ART 15
What article of the UCMJ advises the accused of his/her rights?
ART 31
Who must collect all available facts concerning the offense itself and the background of the accused?
Preliminary Inquiry Officer
What power does the XO have over a report chit?
He may dismiss it but he can never award punishment.
When must the accused request court-martial?
Before punishment is awarded
Can a CO award fines?
When do punishments awarded at mast take effect?
The general rule is immediately but COs may defer confinement up to 15 days
How long does the accused have to submit an appeal once punishment is issued?
5 days
How many types of punishments may a CO award?
Detention of pay may not exceed _____.
1 year
What are the three types of pay eligible for forfiture?
Basic pay, sea pay, or foriegn duty pay
How long may EMI be assigned per day?
2 hours
What is considered the most severe form of punishment?
Reduction in paygrade
How long may confinement on bread and water be awarded?
3 days
Who may be awarded correctional custody?
Non-rated personnel only
What is considerd the least severe punishment?
What is article 83?
Fraudulent enlistment
What is article 84?
Unlawful enlistment
What is article 85?
What is article 86?
Absence without leave
What is article 87?
Missing movement
What is article 92?
Failure to obey order or regulation
What is article 107?
False official statements
What is article 108?
Military property of the United States--Loss, damage, destruction, or wrongful disposition
What is article 111?
Drunken or reckless driving
What is article 112?
Drunk on duty
What is article 112a?
Wrongful use, posession, etc., of controlled substance
What is article 115?
What is article 117?
Provoking speeches or gestures
What is article 120?
Rape or carnal knowledge
What is article 121?
Larceny and wrongful appropriation
What is article 122?
What is article 123?
What is article 123a?
Making, drawing, or uttering check, draft, or order without sufficient funds
What is article 125?
What is article 134?
What is article 128?
What is article 133?
Conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman