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Name the three major pacemaker cells and their rates of automaticity:
1. SA Node, 60-100 bpm
2. AV Node, 40-60 bpm
3. Purkinje / ventricle muscle, 20-30 bpm
What is an ectopic pacemaker?
Any pacemaker other than the SA node
a) What is an early beat from the atria called?

b) A late beat from the AV node?
a) Premature atrial contraction
b) Junctional escape beat
List the five step approach to reading ECGs
1) Rate
2) Rhythm
3) P wave
4) PR interval
5) QRS complex
What are normal values for PR interval?
less than 0.11 sec is too short, greater than 0.20 sec is too long

(approx 3-5 small boxes)
What condition is present if P waves don't give rise to QRS complex?
Heart block
What is the normal length of the QRS interval?
0.06-0.11 sec

approx 1.5-3 small boxes
Which leads would be effected by a septal wall M.I?
What leads would be effected by an inferior wall MI?
Which leads are effected by a lateral wall MI?
V5, V6
Which leads are affected by anterior wall MI?
V3, V4
What area of the heart do leads II, III and avF detect?
Inferior Wall
What areas of the heart do leads V1 and V2 detect?
Septal Wall
What areas of the heart do leads V3, V4 detect?
Anterior Wall
What areas of the heart do leads V5, V6 detect?
Lateral Wall
What plane do the hexaxial limb leads sit in?
coronal plane (frontal plane)
What plane do the precordal leads sit on?
Transverse plane; splits heart onto top/bottom halves

(Axial plane) / horizontal plane
Draw Einthroven's Triangle
check notes
How much time does each small box on an ECG represent?
1/25 second (0.04 sec)
What does the p-wave represent? Axis? Normal duration?
Atrial depolarization

Axis: 0 to +75' (downward and to the left)

Duration 0.08 --> 0.11 sec