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ascending sort
A sort text values from A to Z and number values from 1 to 10
descending sort
A sort order that sorts text values from Z to A and number 10 to 1
to isolate a subset of record in a datassheet.
A limiting condition,such as "Arizona" or">100" used in Access queries and filters to show a limited set of records.
Filter By Selection
In Acess, a filtering techinque in which you can type the values or partial values for which you want to filter using the Filter By Selection button.
Filter By Form
In Access, a filtering techique in which you want to filter using a form that contains all the fields in the datasheet.
select query
The most common type of query in Access.
In Access, joining two values to display them as a single value: for example, if you concatenate a FirstName field to a LastName field, as in [FirstName]&[LastName], the two names are displayed as a full name in a single.
in the query design grid.
Calculated field
performs calculation on other fields in a query.