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unravel unravel unravel unravel unravel
seperate the threads of; pull apart; come apart
utmost utmost utmost utmost utmost
greatest possible; greatest; highest
unanimous unanimous unanimous unanimous unanimous
in complete accord or agreement; agreed
undertone undertone undertone undertone undertone
low or very quiet tone
uncouth uncouth uncouth uncouth uncouth
not refined; awkward; clumsy; crude
undertake undertake undertake undertake undertake
set about; try; attempt
ultimatum ultimatum ultimatum ultimatum ultimatum
a final offer or demand given with the threat of severe penalties if refused
upheavel upheavel upheavel upheavel upheavel
a sudden or violent agitation; great turmoil
uncanny uncanny uncanny uncanny uncanny
strange and mysterious
undaunted undaunted undaunted undaunted undaunted
not afraid; not discouraged; fearless
undenible undenible undenible undenible undenible
beyond denial or dispute
undergo undergo undergo undergo undergo
undermine undermine undermine undermine undermine
weaken by secret or unfair means
unfurl unfurl unfurl unfurl unfurl
spread out; shake out
unequivocal unequivocal unequivocal unequivocal unequivocal
clear; plain
urbane urbane urbane urbane urbane
courteous; refined
unison unison unison unison unison
agreement; at the same time
unrest unrest unrest unrest unrest
lack of ease and quiet; restlessness
unintentional unintentional unintentional unintentional unintentional
not intentional; not done purposely
unbiased unbiased unbiased unbiased unbiased
impartial; fair