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New immigrants arriving on the East Coast gained entrance
at Ellis Island
Nativism is an overt favoritism towards
native-born Americans
The Gentleman's agreement limited immigration of unskilled workers from
some American workers felt threatened by Chinese workers because
Chinese workers would work for lower wages
The Social Gospel movement contributed to
the development of settlement houses
any type of illegal use of political power
Boss Tweed
led Tammany Hall in defrauding New York City
Political Machines
gained some of their power from immigrants for whom they performed favors
the assassination of President Garfield showed
how strongly some people resisted reform of immigration laws
Many southern farmers who lost their jobs because of improvements in farming techniques
were African Americans
main immigration center for west coast
Angel Island
goal of Chinese Exclusion Act
to decrease Chinese immigration
main goal of the Americanization movement
assimilate everyone into American culture
Settlement Houses
founded by social reformers
illegal use of political influence for personal gain
Tammany Hall
NYC political machine
patronage (example)
appointing a friend to a political position
supported the spoils system
Pendleton Civil Service Act
required people to pass tests to get a job
Gentleman's Agreement
decreased Japanese immigration