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elastic (adjective)
having the quality of returning to its original shape, or position after being stretched, etc.
elasticity (noun)
elastic quality
detect (verb)
discover the presence, existence, or fact of
detection (noun)
a finding out; discovery
(adjective) placed or occurring by turns

(verb) to do (two things) each after the other
alternative (noun)
choice from among two or more things
economy (noun)
system of managing the production, distribution, and consumption of goods
normal (adjective)
of the usual standard; regular
economics (noun)
the science which studies the problems of capital, labor, wages, taxes, etc.
normality (noun)
normal condition
concentrate (verb)
pay close attention
concentration (noun)
close attention
initiate (verb)
be the first one to start; begin
initiative (noun)
readiness to start something
restore (verb)
bring back to a former condition
restoration (noun)
establishing again
evaluate (verb)
estimate the worth or importance of
evaluation (noun)
an estimated value
office (noun)
place in which the work of a position is done
official (adjective)
having authority