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What states borders Georgia?
Florida is south of Georgia.
Atlanta is the capital of Georgia.
Did you know that Georgia borders the Atlantic Ocean?
Show me Georgia on the United States map.
Wow, Georgia is a terrific state!
What country is Georgia part of?
What continent is Georgia part of?
Georgia's state tree is the live oak.
Wow, Georgia's state flower, the Cherokee Rose, is gorgeous!
Show me a picture of the brown thrasher.
Did you know that the brown thrasher is Georgia's state bird?
Oh, that honey bee almost stung me!
The honey bee is Georgia's state insect.
Do you know Georgia's state mammal?
Georgia's state mammal is the right whale.
Who is the governor of Georgia?
Sonny Perdue is the governor of Georgia.
The governor of Georgia is the leader of our state.
I love the fact that Georgia is part of North America!
Georgia is divided into three regions.
Point to the fall line in Georgia.
Draw a picture of the coastal region of Georgia.
The mountain region of Georgia is in the northern part of the state.