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Nasal Cannula
Most easily tolerated.
Fio2 varies depending on liter flow and resp of client.
FLOW: 1-2L Fio2: 24-38%
FLOW: 3-4L Fio2: 30-35%
FLOW: 5-6L Fio2: 38-44%
Simple Face Mask
About 75% of the inspired volume is room air drawn in thru side holes in the mask.
Difficult to estimate accurate Fio2.
FLOW: 8-12L Fio2: 35-65%
Mask with Reservoir Bag
At flows of less than 6L the risk of rebreathing carbon dioxide increases.
Two types:
Partial rebreather:
FLOW: 6-10L Fio2:40-60%

FLOW: 6-15L Fio2: 60-100%
Venturi Mask
The Fio2 is dependent on liter flow and port size. Carbon dioxide buildup is kept at minimum. Humidifiers are usually not used.

Fio2: 24-50%
Face Tent
Soft aerosol mask fits loosely around face and neck.
May be difficult to keep in place.

FLOW: 8-12L Fio2: 28-100%
Oxygen Hood
Disposable vinyl box fits over a childs head to provide warm humidified oxygen at controlled temperature.

FLOW: 5-8L Fio2: 28-40%
FLOW: 8-12L Fio2: 40-85%
Oxygen tent
A canopy that encloses the child and is used to provide oxygen, humidification, and/or a cool environment to control temperature.

FLOW: 10-15L Fio2: up to 50%