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College Member
Women in orgainized SAI chapter out 1/210 music schools throughout U.S. non-student who are trained active musicians also be asked to join the college chapter
Alumnae Member
Women intiated in college chapter since graduated and left school but still wishes to remain active in Fraternity life.
International Chapter
A member living more than 50 miles away from an SAI chapter my affiliate with the international chapter
Patroness Member
Women who supports the arts in the community and who is invited to the college chapter of SAI
Distinguished Membership: Member Laureate
Initated member of fraternity who has achieve international destinction in music profession
Distinguished Membership: National Honorary Member
Women who has achieve international destingction in music profession, not an intiated member of SAI
Distinguished Membership: National Arts Associate
Man or Women who is nationally recognized destringuish contribution to the arts
Distinguished Membership: Friend of the Arts
Man or women who is supported of and activity envolve in the arts at a local or regional level.
Distinguished members of SAI
Loretta Long
name gave a discription, that was a long last name
Distinguished members of SAI
Joan Kennedy
Relation to the Kennedies
Distinguished members of SAI
Louise Homer
Grandma and the Simpsons
Distinguished members of SAI
Daiel Pinkham
this will probable work in castro
Distinguished members of SAI
Joan Sutherland
Reation to Mr Sultherland