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Name an example of sound waves traveling.
Dropping a rock into a puddle and seeing the ripple of effect of the rock
A ________ is caused by an object that moves faster than the speed of sound.
Sonic Boom
The pitch of an instrument with strings can be affected by __________________________.
the length of the strings
An ______ will sound most like the original sound in a hallway.
Your brain interprets signals from _________ that affect the nerve cells.
Tiny Hairs
If a sounds pitch is high then the vibrating source is ________.
moving quickly
The farther away you are from a sound the ______________ it is.
Tge speed of ___________ is faster than the speed of __________.
Light, Sound
By cupping your hands around your mouth, you cna make sound travel _________ because you are _________________________.
Farther, directing the sound waves.
You need _______ energy to speack softly and you need _____ energy to speak loudly
less, more.