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22.01 Assault
*Class C (Threat or Contact)
*Class B Athlete
*Class A Causes Bodily Injury to another (victim 65 yoa, disabled)
*3rd Degree Felony - Against public servant, Family Violence(prior conviction)
*A person threatens or causes bodily injury to another
22.011 Sexual Assault
*2nd Degree Felony
*Intentionally or Knowingly
*A person uses physical force, threats or causes penetration or contact to satisfy sexual desire. Also applies to children younger than 17.
22.015 Coercing, soliciting, or inducing gang membership
*State Jail Felony
*3rd Degree Felony (causes Bodily Injury)
*Induces a person under 17 to join a gang
22.02 Aggravated Assault
*2nd Degree Felony
*1st Degree Felony (Against Public Servant or Witness)
*Intentionally or Knowingly
*Assault Plus:
Serious Bodily Injury
Deadly Weapon
Public Servant
22.021 Aggravated Sexual Assault
*1st Degree Felony
*Intentionally or Knowingly
*Sexual Assault Plus:
Serious Bodily Injury
Child Under 14
65 yoa or older
Disabled 14 yoa or older
22.04 Injury to a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual
*1st Degree Felony or
to State Jail Felony
*Intentionally/Knowingly/Recklessly/Criminal Negligence
*Child under 14 yoa
*Elderly over 65 yoa
*Disables over 14 yoa
22.041 Abandoning or Endangering Child
*2nd Degree Felony (Bodily Injury or Death)
*3rd Degree Felony (W/O intent to return child)
*State Jail Felony (Intent to Return Child)
*Intentionally/Knowingly/Recklessly/Criminal Negligence
*By act or ommission exposes a child younger than 15 to harm
22.05 Deadly Conduct
*Class A Misdemeanor
*3rd Degree Felony - Discharge Firearm
*Placing another in imminent danger to include discharge of a firearm
22.06 Consent as defense to assaultive conduct
Victim gave consent/No serious bodily injury
22.07 Terroristic Threat
*Class B
*Class A (Family)
*State Jail Felony ($1500 of Damage)
*3rd Degree Felony Government Interference
*Threatens to commit an offense involving violence or interruption of government
22.08 Aiding Suicide
*Class C Misdemeanor
*State Jail Felony (Suicide accomplished or Serious Bodily Injury)
*Self Explanatory
22.09 Tampering with consumer product
*2nd Degree Felony
*1st Degree Felony (Serious Bodily Injury or Death Occurs)
*Intentionally or Knowingly
*Self Explanatory
22.10 Leaving a child in a vehicle
*Class C
*Child younger than 7 yoa for more than 5 minutes; supervisor must me 14yoa or older
22.11 Harrassment by persons in certain correctional facilities
*3rd Degree Felony
*Annoy, harass or alarm prisoners