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what are the 5 parts to the constitution of 1876
1 powers of governor were reduced
2 legislature meets every 2 years
3 lowered salaries of state officals
4 reduced $ spent on education
5 guaranteed the right to vote to all races
what did the democrats do
>reduced public spending
>cut public services
>restore law and order in tx
what was the womens sufferage and what did they want
women made rp 1/2 pop.

they wanted rights for women
how did railroads help the people
move goods and people cheaply and quickly
how many miles did the railroads go across tx
1900-10000 miles
which cities develop quickly as railroad centers
houston dallas and ft worth
what was the city transportation
side walks gutters
brick becomes a common paving material
street cars (trollies) show up in 1880s
what were the changes in industry
1 processing farm products meat- packing plants
2 lumbering- east tx
3 mining- central tx
4 oil- first well in brown country in 1878 (not major yet)
what were the railroad problems in tx
higher rates to people who had no choice and must use a certain railroad

lower rates for those who would choose railroads
what problems did farmers face in tx
unfair shipping rates
who found the texas railroad commission
james hogg
what did james hogg do
he was a governor he fixed prices, charging more for shory than long hauls, and unfair rates
what were the farming improvements
6 out of every 10 texans worked on farms
threshing machines- seperated grain from straw
new plows, reapers, ect.
what were the city improvements
by 1990- san antonio 53321
houston 44633
dallas 42638
telephones, gas for lamps and heat, ice boxes, and electric powerplants
what were the improvements on education
olga kohlberg- invented kinder garden
seggregated schools
what were the kinds of schools
praire view normal school( for african am.)
public- agricultural and mechanical college, ut
normal- train teachers
private- smu and rice
what were some things in health and medical care
professionals limited
medical schools- ut medical school in galveston
schools for people with disabilities- visually and hearing impaired too
what were some of the womens roles
few jovs outside the home
martha bickler- gov. worker
elisabet ney- aritst
involved in sufferage, prohibition, and equality movments
what were some of the celebrations in tx
july 4th - us independence
juneteenth- af. am. freedom
diez Seis de Septiembre- mexican independance
Cinco de Mayo- military victory
when did the big hurricane hit in galveston
sept. 8, 1900- complete devastation
how many died in the hurricane
how did they protect galveston more
sea wall, and raised the island
what was the terrell election law
a new way to elect public officials
what was the prohibition movement
prohibited the sale and drinking of alcohol
women christian temperance union and anti saloon league
1918- state prohibition law
1919- constitutional amendment