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two key approaches to making money on line
the sales site
the portal site
designed to draw repeat visitors from all walks of life.
the traffic becomes your asset.
yahoo, altavista
Horizontal portal
Having a very specific interest or need
target market
example of successful vertical portal
a site to which people return again and again
sticky community
3 ways to profit from a portal site.
1. sell a product
2. recommend product or service
3. sell ad space
5 ways to developing a successful portal site
1. timing
2 become an expert
3 reduce cost
4 repeat customers
5 diversify
an entry page onto the web
offer broad rage of info
Horizontal or vertical
portal web site
first approach to making money online most popular
directly offer a product or service
Offer free info to lure people to another page where a p or s is available
can make money overnight
sales web site
family of web portals listing a variety of vertical portals
good examples of vertical portals and niche market magnets.
Online resource
developed with a specific target market in mind.
striving to meet the needs of a small audience.
Info products serves

vertical portal