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Yes, I have understood
Aane, Mate aseε
Yes, I understand
Aane, mete aseε
What is the meaning of this word / statement?
Asεm wei ase kyerε sεn?
Don't mention it. (thanks)
Aseda nni mu.
Don't mention it / Thanks belong to God.
Aseda wɔ Nyame.
Ask so and so whether / that
Bisa .... sε .... .
Answer this.
Bua wei.
Open your book.
Bue wo nwoma (no) mu.
No, I don't understand.
Daabi, mente aseε
Don't speak English.
εnka Borɔfo.
Repeat (it) [to a younger person]
Ka bio.
Say that.... [to a younger person]
Ka sε....
Repeat / say this after me.
Ka wei di m'akyi.
Say this in Twi / Akan. [to one person]
Ka wei wɔ Twi/Akan kasa mu.
I didn't intend to hurt / offend you