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What department in a TV station deals with all of the technical aspects of a station?
Operations Department
What department of a station schedules when commercials are supposed to air?
Traffic Departments - makes program log
What department generates the image of the station to the public?
Promotions Department - passing out station stuff, billboards
What is the responsibility of the News Department?
handling the content of the broadcast
What are the six main positions available in the News Department?
1. producer
2. assignment editor
3. talent (on-air)
4. writers
5. photographer / photo journalist
6. editor
Name at least three responsibilities of a News Producer
1. emphasis given to each story
2. who's going to read the story
3. how much video goes in a story
What is an O-T-S?
over-the-shoulder graphic
What are the four main goals in setting up an individual news shot?
1. focus
2. mid-chest
3. centered up
4. little bit of head room
name associated with a story
8 reasons a Rundown Sheet is used in broadcast news
1. tells you order of stories
2. which talent reads each story
3. which camera talent will be on
4. type of shot
5. which stories will have b-roll
6. what graphics are involved
7. time of each story
8. writer of each story
Why should a camera operator never move the camera with the talent on a weather shot against the chroma key wall?
because you could lose the chroma key wall affect, throws off timing and make the talent/map float
How far should a lavalier microphone be from the mouth of an anchor?
four to six inches from the mouth
which cables are used to rout audio signals?
XLR cables
Which cables are used to rout video signals?
BNC - British Naval Connector
When should a READY / STAND-BY COMMAND be given in a newscast?
after and before a transition
What does the trim knob do on the audio board?
adjusts signal strength, only used for mic check
What position would be responsible for stacking the rundown sheet?
segment of newscast, from commercial to commercial
block or bag
If you were a producer... the U.S. invasion into Iraq would be in which block of the newscast and stacked where in the show?
first block, lead story
when production crews form their lower-third graphics and fullscreens before a show
the next block of news will not change from the rundown sheet. This usually is said by a Director/Producer after many changes were made in the previous block
go as scripted
When there is no time at all for a story to air... the Producer will have to blank the story and possibly use it for another cast at another time.
sync information that allows you to edit, first part of a tape, time code
control track
If a VTR Operator was shuttling forward through b-roll and there was no counter moving... what would you do?
rewind the tape until the counter's moving
How many audio tracks does videotape have?
What two responsibilities does a VTR Operator have when recording a program?
1. make sure program monitor matches record monitor
2. make sure audio is going into record deck
A Director uses a blank transition from one anchor to another
A director uses a blank transition from sports b-roll to sports b-roll
A director uses one of these three transitions from kicker story b-roll to the news desk
dissolve, mix, or fade
Six steps to white and black balance
1. rout camera
2. open the iris to 100%
3. press the white balance button... and wait until the green light goes off
4. close the iris all the way
5. set the pedestal level to 7.5
6. press the black balance button... wait until the green light goes off