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Will Playfair is credited for being the initiator for _____.
information graphics
Escaping this flatland is the essential task of _____ information.
For all the interesting worlds that we seek to understand are inevitably to happily _____ in nature.
Tufte has become a prophet of “_____”, the design of graphs, charts, diagrams to other vision elements.
information design
Graphical excellence is the well-designed presentation of interesting data-matter of _____,_____, and design.
substance, statistics
The repetition of numbers, as physically measured on the surface of the graphic itself should be directly proportioned to the _____ represented.
numerical quantities
A lie factor of 1.75 would indicate _____.
substantial data distortion
Show _____ variation, not design variation.
There is no such thing as _____.
information overload
We should _____ graphics in order to make them more _____.
simplify, complex
His ultimate dismissal of television is that it’s _____.
paced at the human voice
Details of a design accumulate that result in “design by _____.
aggregate pickiness
Clutter and confusion are failures of _____, not attributes of information.
Ideally the design should disappear in favor of the _____.
Above all else _____.
show the data
Tufte views _____ as a fortunate byproduct of the display of information.
No information, no sense of discover, no wonder, no substance is generated by _____.
Most of a graphics _____ should vary in response to data variation.
The Golden Rectangle is _____.
desirable for data aesthetics
If the nature of the data suggests the shape of the graphic, _____.
follow that suggestion