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How many tuberculosis cases occur per year in the US?
Tuberculosis constitutes an important opportunistic infection among individuals infected with HIV.
What is the most sensitive and specific test available for identifying persons infected w/ Mycobacterium tuberculosis?
Tuberculin skin test w/ purified protein derivative (PPD) administered by the Mantoux method.
What percent of lifetime risk of developing tuberculosis disease does a infected person have if there is no intervention?
5 percent
What is the most effective measure to prevent the development of tuberculosis disease in a newly infected person?
Preventive Therapy with isoniazid (INH)
Although the preventive treatment reduces the risk of disease, does it totally eliminate it?
What is Tuberculosis?
A disease produced by infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
What the definition of the term active disease?
The peson has symptoms, signs, radiographic, or laboratory evidence of pulmonary, meningeal, miliary, or extrapulmonary tuberculosis.
What is the most common form of active tuberculosis disease?
Pulmonary tuberculosis. It causes the most concern because of the potential to transmit the infection to others by airborne route.
What is the definition of the term tuberulosis infection?
The person has no symptoms, signs, or radiographic evidence of active disease, but does have evidence of infection, as indicated by the presence of a positive tuberculin skin test.
Describe the Mantoux Method of tuberculosis skin testing?
A tuberculin skin test using a syringe and needle to inject purified protein derivative (PPD) of tuberculin.
Describe intermediate strength dosage?
Intermediate strength dose is is 5 tuberculin units (TU) of purified protein derivative(PPD).
Describe low strength dosage?
Low strength dose contains one-fifth of the intermediate strength dose (1 TU).
Define induration?
An area around the site of tuberculin injection that is raised and firm to touch.
Define Tuberculin Reactor?
A person with an area of induration to a 5 TU tuberculin skin test (or to a 1 TU tuberculin skin test).
When should a tuberculin test be read?
48-72 hours afer administration of skin test.
Define a tuberculin nonreactor?
A person with an area of induration of less than 5 mm (usually no reaction or zero mm induration) to a 5 TU tuberculin skin test.