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What are the three basic elements of every web?
HTML declaration, head and body.
Which protocol does TFTP use as a delivery protocol?
VeriSign is a type of what?
Certificate Authority
What is the easiest way to add search capabilities to your web site?
Index Server
You attempt to log onto a remote site, but can’t. You made sure you are typing in
the correct password. What would you try next?
Hit the caps lock and retype your password.
Using a protocol analyzer or other device to intercept and decode packets sent to
and from the server in order to find the account ID and password is called what?
A hacker is attempting to bring your web site to its knees by continuously using the
ping utility on it. This type of attack is known as what?
Which is a server side script?
Encryption is used where?
In Virtual Private Networks
A common error made in developing an international English language Web site is:
Use of colloquialisms
What language must be compiled before it can be executed?
What capability will adding a merchants system to your site provide?
Most browsers do not have support for what?
You created a form on your site that takes the data from the user and sends it to the
server. What is the most effective way to make sure the data is entered in a specific
Validate on the browser with JavaScript
You receive a timeout error when accessing a TCP port. What is the cause?
Firewall has port closed.
What is not a valid Internet IP address?
A proxy server is connected to the Internet via a cable modem and can access the
Internet. Your users cannot access the Internet, the ISP verified that connection was
available. What should you do to fix the problem?
Reset the cable modem
Which protocol uses authentication?
Which class of addressing is reserved for futures use?
The transfer rate of 51.84 MBPS applies to what?
What are the two parts of every IP address?
Network + Host
A device used as a portal to and from the Internet is known as what?
Martha wants to have a contest on her web site. What method should she use?
What is the command to initiate an FTP session?
What do you need to have in order for your browser to connect to a database if you
use a database on your e-commerce site?
You want to implement ASP (Active server Pages) on your sites server. What must
be in place before you can use these types of pages?
Which type of index enables you to search a site for a specific phrase?
Keyword Server
Which network device allows you to communicate with a host that uses a different
protocol stack?
What entry in the DNS identifies an alias?
You have updated your email application, and need access to 300 entries in your old
address book. What should you do?
Import the address book.
Which of the following requires the least configuration for web database access?
Which of the following is unique of XML?
A. Describes how should look in the browser
B. Permits customizable tags
C. Establishes client-server relation
D. Enables DHTML
Permits customizable tags
Which is C2C model?
A. store front
B. auction site
C. E-business
D. Portal
auction site
A company that gathers goods from many sources is called __________?
A. Aggregator
B. Affiliate
C. Subsidiary
D. Franchise
A company wants to automate database to transfer data with a partner, what should they use?
A client has received a Java Script error message indicating reference to an undefined object.
Which of the following is a possible explanation?
A. Incorrect Java Script setting in the browser.
B. The browser does not support the correct object model.
C. The anti-virus software is interfering with the Java Script interpretation.
D. The server failed to create the correct object library.
The browser does not support the correct object model.
You want to implement OLTP in an e-commerce business application. Which of the following is the easiest to
B. Object oriented database
C. Relational Database
D. Object request program
Relational Database
Which is required prior to reviewing auditing logs
A. Enable auditing
B. Back up logs
C. Redirect logs
D. Disable logs
Redirect logs
Photo is uploaded to the server, the client is unable to view, what would cause this problem?
A. transfer in Binary mode
B. transferred in ASCII mode
C. with hash options
D. with glob options
with glob options
An example of an application service provider is a company that provides ________?
A. Order entry applications on a client computer
B. Dial up access
C. Off site location for a client
D. Weather information on a city
A. Order entry applications on a client computer
Which programming languages enables programmers to put cookies on client machines?
C. Java Script
PERL and javascript
Repudiatis is _________?
A. Someone accesses or misuses computers to intercept information
B. Stole Credit Card Numbers
C. A Vandal fakes a site
D. Transaction is denied by authorized party
A Vandal fakes a site
Which language was designed to integrate HTML with a data source?
A. Visual Basic
C. c ++
The LANG attribute of an HTML tag is used to verify the language of
A. HTML tags
B. Contained elements in the document
C. HTTP headers
D. Server side includes
Contained elements in the document
You want to locate information about hotels or car rentals in Arcadia, Illinois. To perform an advanced search
on a search engine, what is the best command string to enter?
A. Illinois "Arcadia and hotels and car rentals"
B. Arcadia and hotels or car rentals.
C. (Arcadia and Illinois) hotels or "car rentals"
D. (Arcadia and Illinois) (hotels or car rentals)
Arcadia and hotels or car rentals.
Which of the following technologies can be used in an HTML document to ask the Web server to run an
external command or insert an environment variable?
A. Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
B. Server Side Include (SSI)
C. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
D. eXtensible Markup Language (XML)
Server Side Include (SSI)
Which of the following tools would be best enable Web access to an SQL database in a UNIX/Linux Web
In HTML tags, Web page color attributes are normally expressed as which of the following types of numerals?
A. Binary (base 2)
B. Octal (base 8)
C. Decimal (base 10)
D. Hexadecimal (base 16)
Hexadecimal (base 16)
Within form tags, which of the following HTML tags would be used to create a hidden form field?
A. <input type = “text” size = “1” value = “hidden”>
B. <input type = “hidden” size = “1” value = “text”>
C. input type = text size = 1 value = hidden
D. <input type = hidden size = 1 value = text/>
<input type = “hidden” size = “1” value = “text”>
Which of the following is the reason that directories often provide more useful information than search engines?
A. Directories allow a user to search on keywords.
B. Directories allow users to locate information based on categories.
C. Search engines are updated more often.
D. Search engines return specific information relating to the item searched.
Directories allow users to locate information based on categories.
Which of the following is a defining characteristic of XHTML?
A. All tags must have one or more attributes.
B. All elements and attributes in tags must be lowercase.
C. Tags need not be properly nested.
D. Use of the <title> tag is optional.
Tags need not be properly nested.
Which of the following should be added to an HTML page to ensure that the client will automatically receive
up-to-date information?
A. <META CONTENT = “Refresh” NAME = “60”>
B. <META NAME = “Refresh” CONTENT = “60”>
C. <META TAG = “Refresh” NAME = “60”>
D. <META CONTENT = “Refresh” TAG = “60”>
<META NAME = “Refresh” CONTENT = “60”>
A document that is 7,000 bytes would take how many seconds to download over an analog 56 Kbps
A. 1 second
B. 5 seconds
C. 8 seconds
D. 12.5 seconds
1 second
Which of the following terms describes a company that writes and hosts applications for other companies?
A. Service bureau
B. Application host service
C. Host service provider
D. Application service provider.
Application service provider.
Which of the following is an example of a strategic marketing consideration when a company launches an ebusiness
A. Setting permissions for access to specific marketing objective.
B. Configuring the Web site to hand tax policies of varies states and countries.
C. Adapting the marketing approaches to the local customs of the target market.
D. Delivering marketing files to the Web developers in a timely manner.
Adapting the marketing approaches to the local customs of the target market.
Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and Active Server Pages (ASP) are examples of?
A. Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programs.
B. Structured Query Language (SQL).
C. Server-side scripting.
D. Compiled code.
Server-side scripting.