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TH 1
Proximal to the coronary band, on the dorsal midline of the fore foot.
TH 5
In a depression at the distal end of the radius, between the lateral digital extensor and the common digital extensor, 2 cun dorsal to the ulnar carpal bone.
TH 14
Caudoventral to the neck of the scapula and caudodorsal to the greater tubercle of the humerus at the caudal margin of the shoulder joint over the deltoideus.
TH 15
In a depression over the dorsal edge of the scapula at its junction with the scapular cartilage, dorsal to the third intercostal space. It overlies the cervical part of the trapezius m. midway between GB 21 and SI 13
TH 16
Caudoventral to the mastoid process between the first and second cervical vertebrae over the caudal portion of the brachicephalicus m., cranial to SI 16
TH 17
In a depression between the mandible and the mastoid process, caudoventral to the ear.
TH 21
In a depression at the rostromedial corner of the ear base, in the temporal fossa caudodorsal to the coronoid process of the mandible.
TH 23
On the supraorbital ridge about 2/3 of the distance from the medial to lateral canthus of the eye.